Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

" A pigeon the size of a midge buzzing around the room. It flies in under the froth on a plate of tomato soup. I blow back the froth and it is swimming like a duck in the soup. I lift it out on a spoon, dry it on a napkin and it is none the worse. Oil paint is the reason flesh was invented. A major new step forward in the battle against blue-green algae has been pioneered by Strathclyde Country Park. Nipple floss. You might want to come and see our acupuncturist for that. That's four quid for a cheese roll. Laika the dog. Females please send me your colorful photos where you are quite undressed, and I can see all of your body, in return I will send you my undressed photos or banknotes from my country. A Guide To Kill A Mockingbird. Her molten voice is a balm of anaesthetic proportions. Saline drip held aloft by Helium balloon. Our next poem is also about what heaven might be like for fish. 'I'm going to tell them all about your bisexuality, cross-dressing and alcohol problem.' My main argument against you is that you are an abomination. Happiness is a warm puppy. His body is slim, supple and erect like an aquatic plant, and in his otter's face with its two pale, sapphire eyes dwells the slightly hunted look of a lost, startled child. You're no spring roll yourself. Thanky you. You look like a sponge"

Thanks SleepSleep that was fun, but what was it? I picked out some of my favourite sentences : ) Love you sweetie.

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