Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

Our Valentine's Day Plans

Okay well, I have to go have my fun love bath with my Scotti soon. I bought this game, hope he isn't reading this, there are all of these bubbles that you put in the tub, and in the bubbles there are little phrases. You pick out a floating bubble, open it, and choose one of the action phrases, you get the idea. After that we're going to dinner at Moustache Cafe, I hope, they were booked but might have cancellations, and then we're going to see Birthday Girl because we both like Nicole Kidman.

Beau and Saida are staying here. beau's pretty tired out from his ordeal last night. We were playing with these big crystals, trying to make them spark in the dark, by hitting them against each other. We'd heard Art Bell talking about trying this and had wanted to do it. We turned off all the lights and Beau was smacking them against each other. It worked, they sparked, but then again maybe anything will spark if you smack it against something else in the dark, then beau left the room to get some goggles because the crystals were fracturing and we didn't want to get them in our eyes. When he came back he bounced on to the bed and cut his leg open on the big crystal. It had lots of sharp jutting crystal points. I could see three lines on his leg, I thought they were just minor scratches, but then one of them really started bleeding pretty badly. I went to get a warm wash cloth to clean it off and apply some compression for the bleeding but when I came back and looked more closely I realized it was a really deep slice. I'll spare you the gore. Anyway I told Beau he'd have to go to the emergency room for stitches and we got in to a big discussion about scars and stitches and it being his body etc. etc. Then we went to the car to go to the emergency room and it wouldn't start because I had run out of gas. So we had to call the auto club, wait for them, and then go to the emergency room. In the end he decided not to get stitches and we got a big Band-Aid and a lot of neosporin. Not a fun night. All of the forty goody bags I'd made for the kids in his class for Valentines Day, while watching a documentary about Lizzie Borden (how's that for a weird scene, filling cellophane heart bags with tootsie pops, chocolate, and jelly beans while looking at old photos of Lizzie Bordens chopped up parents, yeeee) are still sitting in my closest, but he can take them tomorrow.

Anyway I have to get going, still have to light some candles and make sure I have Scott's present organized. Here come some Valentine's cards for you.

Love you guys,
Your pal Jacqui


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