Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

I'm watching an E special about Russ Meyer and browsing eBay for holy cards. I was watching Howard Stern and friends measure themselves.

I haven't felt like writing much. I've had a lot to tell but I just haven't felt like telling it, I feel kind of still.

Do you know that there is only one drive in theatre left within a thousand miles of Los Angeles?

We saw Monster's Ball tonight. We took out our SAG cards and got in for free. That felt so good. The movie was pretty brutal. I knew it would be which is why I had been putting it off. I gasped out loud several times and the people in front of us turned around. The racism, some of the things Peter Boyle's character said, just totally shocked me.

This is a piece of clothing that belonged to Saint Bernadette, I would love to have this.


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