Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

Oh darn this was a post from last night that somehow didn't get posted, ack.

Beau Goes Snowboarding and I'm Still Freaked Out Over Monster's Ball

It was so weird/hard to let Beau go tonight. He's only spending the night at his friend's house, but tomorrow he's going to drive to Bear Mountain or Snow Summit and go snowboarding for the first time. I worry about him, and I know this is pretty typical for a single Mom with only one child. I just worry, I can't help it. It isn't as bad as I'm making it sound, I mean I pushed for his doing this, I cancelled a whole vacation for our family in Palm Springs in order for him to go, and (oh my God, horrible, racist stuff on the radio, what the hell? I didn't know how strongly I felt about this, I mean I knew I cared because I've been battling my parents all my life, but I didn't know how badly I would be shocked at some of this, until I heard some of the stuff in the movie last night, and I thought I had really been exposed. I've read so much, done so much research, taken down so many stories, one of which I would love to turn into a screenplay someday, but I didn't know that hearing someone shout something racist would make me gasp and cry. I'm still in shock after seeing this movie.) I don't remember where I was going. Oh, basically that I supported his going, spent three days shopping, rounded up a lot of hard to spare cash, and am willing to risk and trust in order for him to do this. It's just a bit hard. He is so dear to me and this is the first time he's been away with anyone else. He doesn't even spend the night away, he's tried a few times but usually ends up calling me in the middle of the night, asking me to come get him. Oh well, I hope he has a great time. I would really love it if he wound up loving snow boarding. Although it doesn't help that one of the mini news features was about how many people are clogging the hospitals at all of the local ski resorts.

Scott's coming over after his bath, thank God because I'm feeling lonely.

Love you guys,

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