Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

Old Friends!

Even though my computer is being monstery I feel so blessed today. First my old friend Jennifer found me, then just the other day I had a wonderful conversation with an old friend from Marymount, (Mary, I wish she'd get a journal because she's so cool and you guys would love her,) then early this morning my dear friend Ed from Japan called me, I'd been awful to him during my Robby breakup days, just couldn't handle talking to anyone and had completely isolated myself, I didn;t return his calls or letter, I thought he would never speak to me again, but he did, yeay, and then just now I was going through some old e-mail I'd never gotten to and found an e-mail from Maria M. another wonderful old friend from school days. Wow. The universe is being so kind to me. Oh and I forgot that another dear friend of mine Durga contacted me again after my not having called her back the last time she called, oh and that's not all, my friend Karen called me and I had been just as insensitive to her. I have to call Durga and Karen go and not let my new connections with Mary, Maria and EdoSan slip away again.

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