Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

I wonder when the photos of my house are going to come out in Mary Englebreit, I went to the website for the magazine and the next issue doesn't look like it's going to be the one. It just seems like it's taken sooooooo long. Who knows when they'll ever get back to us about the Halloween shots, oh well. Maybe I should just submit my own photos to magazines of things that I think are cool.

In the current issue there is this letter from the editor that I know is total bs because I remember when the cover change situation was going on. The publishers wanted to change the cover, Mary wanted to keep her cover art, they finally forced her to test market the covers, and reluctantly she agreed to the more home decorish cover. IN the letter from the editor she makes it sound like it was all her idea.

I can't believe how depressed I feel. I've been stuck in the house all day even though it was beautiful outside, plus I've been watching all of these distressed powerful lawyer gals married to cop's dramas. I think I have a fever, I'm so stuffed up and sicky, yuck.

Gotta go give Shayan a ride home.

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