Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

Oh God is this cold medicine really awful tasting. No wonder Beau never wants to take it, it tastes like purple sugar glue, yuck. Oh wait, I just went to take two more sips of it, and had this serious shivery aversion to it, it's glucose syrup and I'm pre-diabetic, my poor body, I forget to listen to it. (Anyone want to give me a lesson in the proper placement of comma's, I never learned this, pretty obvious hunh?)

I'm noticing how often I start posts with oh man, and oh God, oh well : )

Scott teased me about my post where I said I thought I saw a tiger on my ceiling. You just gotta watch what you say in here.

I just came in here for a bit because I couldn't sleep very well, with all of this blechy flu cold, coughing, etc. Yuck yuck yuck.

Beau wants me to get up early and take him whatever non-meat related things we can find at Burger King. He loves Burger King breakfast. Of course now I'm thinking I shouldn't because my Mother told me off for more than an hour yesterday and one of the many lovely things she said to me was, "You're just making him fat you know? Don't you care that your son is getting fat? it's so sad, you jsut don't care at all do you and it's all your fault?" I wanted to ask her if it works both ways. If Beau gets fat, (but I'm sure he'll be fine), and it's my fault, then is my being fat your fault?


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