Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

Okay here are some goals for the week, will someone hold me to them please?

1.) Divorce my ex.
2.) Print out the application for the new charter school. Fill it out and fax it in.
3.) Either take a new photo of Beau or find and edit one for the LA Times insert.
4.) Make my journal look the way I want it to.
5.) Work on my website.
6.) Find homes for bunnies.
7.) Decide which kittens I can part with and take them to PetSpot.
8.) Make appointment for Beau with the dentist.
9.) Clean the office.
10.) Consider trading office with Beau and giving him Esther's room and office so he'll have more space.
11.) Improve health.
12.) Find lost sex drive.

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