Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

This is my favorite postcard in all the world. It was the very first card I collected and it cost a shocking sixty five dollars at the time. It's so much prettier in person. I love cards by this artist, Samuel Schmucker, I think. He designed cards for Winsch.

I'm sooooooo sick, I really need to be in bed, but I have to make some kind of photo image thing for this LA Times charity supplement. My Mother always waits 'till the last second to ask me. She wants a picture of Beau but she's really picky, hates that he's a bit chubby, (she's vehemently anti-fat, nice hunh) and she doesn't like the picture I already made up for this year. she thinks the cute little hat he's wearing looks bad. Argh, grrrrrrrrr.


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