Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

Can anyone help me customize my journal? Please : )

Hi Dan,

Can I ask you for help with something? I can't figure out how exactly to configure my journal so it will look the way I want it to. I've been trying to figure this out on my own like a good little cyberlearningbot but I've only been able to sort of screw things up and now my colors on the page where you modify them are all messed up. I need someone kind to tell me how to put what I like where.

Do you know what the original default colors are that should be in those little boxes, the ones for the grey and black journal?

I really like this background with the spirals, on the comments page, it's my favorite so far, but I don't want all of the info on the left. If I could use the lined background with a black and white color scheme that would tide me over until I can catch up to speed, I've been reading my little html book and trying to learn so I wont be a pain.

Isn't there a way to select this background and if so do you know what the code would look like and where it should go? Also I am confused about where in the color section I can define the colors of the blocks or bars that are defaulted to grey.

I also like plain black backgrounds but I don't like the simple style that I've been using, I guess it's well, too simple. I tried going to that color area and playing around with the colors but oh my, did I come up with some scary combinations, kinda like a Mexican pizza or something, argh. What do you thinketh?

I wish there was a place where we could tweak things, but it was just a little bit simpler for the dweebs (that would be me) to understand. I want to change the colors but don't know what some of the categories refer to. I need something really basic to learn with like, see that little comment thing there, well, there are two phrases, the one on the right's color is...and the one on the left is...now the bar on the left, that color is...and the one on the top, it's...and here are some backgrounds you can customize with and strong emphasis means this and light emphasis means that etc..

I think I'll go put this in my journal because maybe someone else will see this and take pity on me. Although now that my beloved Brad has made my week by adding me to his friends list, yippee, I'll be embarrassed (do other people think of bare ass whenever they type that word, well I do) asking such baby questions. Oh well he knows I'm a cyberlamer.

Okay well I guess that's it. Gotta pee.

Big huge hugs,

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