Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

Oooh, Wait Until Dark is on. Have you guys seen this? I saw this for the first time, when I was a little girl, away at summer camp. Camp Golden Arrow in the High Sierras. I was so frightened. Alan Arkin was so amazing in this, and the scene where Audrey Hepburn breaks all the lights, but doesn't realize the refrigerator door is propped open with a towel, was so great. Of course this was long before all of the schlock horror films of the eighties, so someone who is supposed to be dead, suddenly lunging across the room, was still scary back then. Oh and remember the bratty little girl, Gloria, from upstairs? I so wanted to play that part.

I didn't even know I had Women's Entertainment Network until last night but now that I've found it I can't stop watching it.

Ala is hanging in here, we have to give her vitamins, antibiotics, appetite stimulants, subcu-fluids, a special mouth wash for her teeth, and a powder. Her mouth hurts so much that when we try to give her the meds she swings at us. This is so hard. Blah.

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