Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

Oh My God most of my little toenail came off. How freaky, yikes. It's so tiny to begin with. Suddenly it hurt and I looked down and it was hanging by the edge. Toenail Gremlins? Too much information? Working through the night on ebay. Baa. I'm so tired, blech. My beautiful black Sphinxy cat Leon is here with me. They named him leon Sphinx for leon Spinx (sp?) because he's back I think, can you belive that? I think it's kind of racist. Who knows, maybe it was a compliment, but he knows his name now so it wouldn't be fair to change it. I love my Leon. It sounds kinda funky when I say I love my little black boy though. he's so beautiful though, i wish I could show him to you. Hey I know, how about suggestions for places where I can upload my images easily?

What are your favorite places to store your pics. I'm looking for ease of service for a lamer like me and I don't mind paying I just want to be able to get in and get out. What say you lovely people? Hey, I should check and see if anyon'e responded to my style and color queries. I lvoe you guys. Livejournal is the grooviest, rainbow playyard, unhunh, yup, it is.

I'm getting so bored, maybe I should change my picture again.

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