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Fight With Scott, and Neighbors Robbed This Morning

No more free movies using my SAG card now that the awards are over darn it. I wanted to see Gosford Park again and Black Hawk Down, Sexy Beast, and Training Day. I think those are the only ones I've missed.

I loved Six Feet Under, as always, last night. God it's an amazing show. I keep forgetting Kathy Bates directs a lot of the episodes.

I had a pretty uncomfortable time with Scott last night. I was feeling really weak and sick, and also very sad and upset for reasons I'm not ready to go in to just yet, and Scott just couldn't allow me to be how I was. Instead of being a loving friend and asking me how he could support me, he kept trying to cajole me out of it, which wasn't what I needed at all. He wanted me to play with him, and pay attention to him, rather than the show which we had arranged to watch together. It was really upsetting because what I needed was to just be allowed to zone out and escape a bit. I hate when he gets like this and I really don't think he understands the dynamic. I think he thinks he's just being loving and sweet and I'm being remote and withholding. He doesn't see that he's being demanding and needy and unfair. It's so hard to explain because I love him so much and he's normally so great but when we argue he's impossible.

After I got Beau off to school this morning I went back to sleep, like I usually do, but was awakened by the intercom at the front door at nine-thirty. It looks like my neighbors, the Dearings, have been robbed again. Their gardeners came over to see if I had their phone number and could call them. I called but no one was at home and I don't have their work numbers.

They were robbed about six months ago. This looks like a similar thing. Friends of their kids broke in and stole credit cards, gift certificates, jewelry, clothes, money, and vandalized the place. This morning, when the gardeners arrived, they surprised about five guys in their early twenties who had broken in. Two of the guys were coming out of the back door when one of the gardeners was walking along the side of the house. They panicked, slammed the door, ran to the other side of the house, got out, and jumped a fence. Two or three other guys came running out of another door, and they all ran for a car that was parked across the street and peeled out. I called the police and stood there waiting in my nightgown for about a half hour until they came. Oh phew, the neighborhood association president (I love this lady) just happened to call me, and when I told her what happened, she said she thinks my neighbor works in downtown LA. I got the number from info and called Hal (the owner of the house) and he's on his way. Now I can let it go. I was mainly worried that one of them might have been home and could have been harmed in some way.

Oh and I called another neighbor, she lives right next to me, as opposed to the house that was robbed or invaded, which is across the street, and asked her if she'd come out and make sure I was okay. I wasn't sure the man on the phone at the front door really was a gardener and I just felt a bit frightened and wanted a bit of back up. I had been startled awake and was a little out of it. Of course she never came out. This is the neighbor who I used to share block captain duties with, who is nosey and meddling and cost us a fortune in delays when we were remodeling our house. The same woman who convinced my other neighbor not to sign a permit allowing us to add a second story to our garage. The same neighbor whose husband used to like to peep at me through the fence.

I was just talking on line to an old friend of mine from high school. She has to finish a book, finish writing a book by tonight, before she goes away on a trip. I would have to ask her if it's okay to share the title with you, but you would know what it is. Anyway I'm really happy for her.

I am still sick, but mostly sad, I can't write about it yet. I'm sick of taking antibiotics and all of these other pills.

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