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Shopping on Ebay; Picture Discs and 78's, The Osbournes, and Kevin Costner

Oh look at this auction on ebay. I would so love to have this. I'm going to bid, but I bet it'll go too high. I love old 78 RPM records. I bought an old Talking Machine at an estate sale for a thousand dollars which was so much money to me at the time, well, it still is, considering I'm sweating out how I'm going to pay off a certain jewelry and silver loan. It was such a great investment, Beau and I love listening to these old scratchy records and winding up the player. It's so much fun. I tried to get my Mother to appreciate it but she just didn't get it at all. I suppose that's kind of like the way I feel about clothes from the seventies, yuck.

Anyone know why this Charley Patton record is going for over a thousand dollars right now? It's scratched and I don't think it even has a cover. He must be super hard to find. I'm looking at picture discs now, I looove picture discs. I need to buy a new record player, wait, maybe I don't. What I need to do is hook up my old stereo and go through my music closet. I have to face what may have been stolen, wrecked, or lost. Same thing with the garage. I'm really dreading dealing with that, I know we have a family of rats that live in there and I'm pretty sure they've wrecked a lot of stuff. I can't hurt them though, if it comes down to something living, like a rat family, and my stuff, anything living wins, hands down. I did hire these supposedly humane rat catcher people, they were going to use special safe traps, and then we were going to release the ratties where they would be reasonably safe, and have access to natural growing grain and foods. They came out and looked around and then never came back, fuckers.

Beau's teacher called me yesterday to tell me that he was assigned a book to read, two weeks ago, and hasn't done it yet! I asked him this weekend if he had homework to do and he didn't tell me about the book report. He told his teacher he had left it at home. She said, "Nope, not good enough Mr., we're going to the library and we're going to pick out another book right now." When he got home he was surprised to learn that he'd been busted and wouldn't be watching any TV, chatting on the phone, or playing video games. He complained for a while and then gave up. I wound up having to sit him down and read to him myself. It took us until ten thirty to read half of the book. We have to read the other half tonight. Interesting book though, it's called Amelia and is about a sixteen year old girl who is sailing through the Bermuda Triangle, who time travels to an island and encounters a man who is snatching famous historical figures and plans to create a new Earth with them.

I just found out that my Grandmother's dresses were worn on the Dick Van Dyke show. I never knew that before. I'm poking around on line to see if I can dig up anything else about her. I think I may have found some letters of hers that are in an archive at Princeton and there are some photographs of her dresses in a collection at USC.

Oh and remember when you guys were talking about The Osbournes, it didn't sound too appealing to me. I've never been an Ossie fan, but I caught the show and I LOVED it. Now I'm hopelessly addicted. Isn't it on tonight, and wasn't Ossie Osbourne the rocker who stomped on baby chicks or was that just a publicity thing that never happened? I also read on some site in Spanish that he ate bats. Pretty hard to forgive the bastard if that's the case. Scott refuses to believe this is true and doesn't seem to care if it is. He deserves to wind up as this addled old guy if that's the case. He really look feeble and doddering, and I love the kids; "Fuck off you slag!" "No, you Fuck off!"

There's a good review of it on Television Without Pity

I have nothing to eat but these dried apricots, when what I really want is a salad. Somebody stop me from eating anymore, please? I think I'll go have a salad at a restaurant I like and then go see if I can stand Kevin Costner in Dragonfly. What's happened to him? Hubris? I loved Dances With Wolves, despite what wonderful, insightful, brave, Pauline Kael had to say about it. I even liked that film he made with Paul Newman (what's not to like about anything with Paul Newman) where he was a grieving widower and shipbuilder, and he was good at being nasty in the Elvis Vegas thing, but I keep wondering when he'll pull up out of this long painful stall. I think what he needs is to turn himself over completely to some poor visionary indie film director and take risks. I had friends who were close with him and they thought the world of him, said he was loyal and very devoted to acting. I guess I shouldn't feel sorry for anyone with that much money and success eh?

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