Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

I collect lenticular art, I'm nuts for anything flat that's 3d, you know, like buttons, and postcards, the whole 3d winking Jesus kind of thing. I used to make collage on acrylic and work from the back and try to get the glue to look like those striations on the front of these cards. Anyway I won a little Tinkerbell card (Disney make the best lenticular things) on Ebay and this amazing man sent me ten or more additional buttons and cards, just to be nice because he knows I collect them. He could have sold them but he just gave them to me. What a guy, people like this just make me so happy.

Today was scary meeting at Mom's house, day. I was so stressed out but it didn't go as badly as I thought it would. In fact it went mostly in my favor and was only occasionally horrific. I learned to say, "Mom, we're not here to discuss my moral or ethical behavior of the past. I've explained why I got in debt and once we pay off this loan, that will all be over." and that would stop her from going off. Every time she would start in with, "I gave her my Mother's beautiful diamond bracelet because she said she loved it and then she just went and sold it," I'd say, "Mom we're not talking about this now, we need to stay focused or we'll never get through this." she stopped. She was incredibly reasonable and loving.

Peter, our attourney was helpful and nice as well.I turned over my divorce dillema/nightmare to him. Scott isn't feeling to certain about that because he's concerned it might get left undone, but the feeling I got is that he'll really help me with this because it's important to my Mother. She's really worried something will happen to her and then my ex(Robby) will somehow get his hands on money she's worked her whole life to save.

Aside from their trying to railroad me in to signing over my building again, it all went pretty well. My Mom even allowed me to take $25,000.00 out of my trust to pay off my $10,000.00 jewlery and silver loans, (thank God), $10,000.00 to put in a secured credit card, $1,000.00 to travel with for my birthday, (March 29th,) and the rest to go in my household account. It's all so scary to me, the money is so controlled and will be forever. I'll have income, but will never be able to touch the principle, not ever in my life. They're so afraid I'll try to produce a film or bank roll a little local theatre and they're probably right. I just want to be able to sell this house and move somewhere where I can have my animals and live in peace. I'd like to get away from my nosy peeping Tom neighbors. I'd like Beau to have his own bathroom and a real closet. I'd like Scott to have a room of his own and for the cats to have some space that's all theirs. I'd like to have a pool and a jacuzzi and a horse and some goats and maybe a llama or two. We'd need a recording studio for Scotti and a sweet small nearby town with a good school, a couple of local watering holes where Scott could play and a community theatre. If it could be on the ocean or in the mountains that would be heaven. That'd be my dream.

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