Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

Do Canadian's Have Heavier Periods, a Scary Missile Launch, and a Birthday Party For a Dog.




Absorption ULTRA PLUS

I was reading the back of my tampon box, just 'cause I didn't have anything better to do at that moment, when I noticed that there was an additional size category for Canadians. Absorption ULTRA PLUS. I thought, Wow those poor Canadian women must have really heavy periods, wait a second...then I realized that it's just named differently in Canada, phew, I was worried there was some kind of menstrual conspiracy going on.

Speaking of conspiracies, how about that missile launch from Vandenberg Air Force base last night? Pretty scary hunh? Esther's nephew Ronald, was sitting on his porch smoking a cigar last night, when he suddenly saw weird flashing blue lights in the sky. He called out to Esther, "Tia, Tia, come out here, I think there's an extraterrestre."

I keep wondering what would happen if we hadn't intercepted it. Would it self detonate and if so where? Over the ocean? I thought about all of those beautiful fish and sea creatures and some huge man made metal object splash landing in the sea. My Mom said I should save my sympathies for the people of New York. I said, hey Miss-Los- Angeles-Close-Enough-to-Two-Major-Nuclear-Power-Plants, don't comfort yourself by thinking they'd only target New York.

I'm falling in love with one of the kittens. She's a total pain, and she never leaves me alone, I find that endearing and have named her Ruby Dee. I took her with us to Mom's last night when Mom got sick.

My neighbor Karen is having a Doggy birthday party today for her sweet dog Nikita. We get to bring one dog, but "no cat's please." Darn. I have to go get her a little doggy birthday present. I've never been to an animal birthday party, I'm going to take pictures for you.

I think this was one of the worst breakfasts I've ever had.

I miss my Scott.

Hey, maybe I should go to Mexico for my birthday, any ideas, Howie, anyone?

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