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I just found a Six Feet Under community on Live journal. It's Fisher and Sons, now I have a place to talk about my favorite show, although real World and the Osbournes are certainly keeping me interested. Here's the post I just put up on FisherandSons.

Yeay!!! I'm so excited someone/you created a community for Six feet Under lovers!! Thank you so much! This is my absolute favorite show on television. I am completely addicted. I've watched every episode from the pilot of season one. I kept raving about it on my journal, put up pictures, tried to get people interested. Now with the awards it's received my friends are finally starting to catch up. It was like this with the Sopranos, friends of mine were raving but it just didn't seem like something I wanted to get into, so I didn't catch on until season two and then I was sorry I'd missed so much.

My friend Tracy was in one of the first episodes. I should call her. Anyway I'd give anything, well almost anything, for a shot at the smallest of roles on this show. Blah.

I was like this with X-Files for so long, I wanted to be on that show so badly. I got so close, Rick, the same casting director also cast Married With Children, saw me in a play and called me in. I'm fat so I got to play one of the many fat women in the shoe store. He promised to keep me in mind for any big gal roles on X-Files but it never panned out. My own fault, I haven't been too proactive at marketing myself. I had a bad breakup and had to finish remodeling my house, I kind of got off track with my acting. Sorry to blab on about non SFU related stuff. It's just nice to find a place to talk about the show. What a wonderful career Kathy Bates is having. I just saw her in Dragon Fly, I love her work. God bless these guys for casting such wonderful, theatre trained, actors!!!!

Random thoughts and questions. Why didn't they know the casket's were manufactured by Kroner and does that mean the Titan3 is or is not a Kroner casket? Also if you snorted someone's ashes wouldn't you get sick? Is that Alice Krige playing the Bob Mackey/Tony Robbins, Insight Leader kind of character? She's really aged. What about the X in the aspirin bottle, is it finally all gone, how many pills were there? I thought Ruth broke up with the flower store owner, so I was confused when they were together at dinner. I read that in an upcoming episode her "fierce honesty" is going to create hurt with one of her kids, probably David. What's happened to Brenda's sexual desire for Nate? Is she just protecting herself from intimacy, and what's happened to her brother? I love Rachel Griffiths, and I love watching the relationship between Nate and Brenda, but I keep thinking, (don't hate me for this because I actually think it's great that they're together), Nate could do better. I mean Brenda is sooo messed up, and he's had to go through so much to be with her, now she won't Fuck him, and she's flirting with another guy, and lies to him effortlessly, argh. He's a babe and such a great catch, well except for the fact that he might die any second. Oh and how come they are so shitty and unappreciative of Rico? I loved when Ruth said Fuck ten times. Oh my God and when Gabe shot at the driver, wasn't that a great scene for Claire, or well, Lauren Ambrose? Oh and how about her watching Badlands, how perfect was that? And I love the ghosts, I hope they keep it up. I miss them when an episode goes by without one. Has there been an episode without one? I think there has. Oh and I'm so hoping David and Keith get back together and it looks like they're going to be raising or caring for Keith's niece. Phew, that's about it for now.

Yeay, so glad you're all here. Woohoo.

Morbid Dysfunctional hugs,

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