Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

Oh God I feel so sorry for some of the people I bought things from on ebay. I'm so behind in answering or reading all of my e-mail. I tried to get through as much of it as possible but I didn't get through all of it. I just found out that ana auctioned her origiunal Pussy TV book on ebay and I missed it. It went for $510.00 wow how wonderful for her. I hope the person paid up though, I noticed that they aren't curently registered. I wish I'd been present enough to buy one of the little copies. Shoot.

Oh well. I'll miss you guys. If anyone has written to me and I haven't gotten back to them, please write it off to my brain fuzziness and not a lack of caring on my part. I'll carry all of you in my heart on my trip tomorrow.

love you guys,

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