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Back from Mexico, Sea Creatures, Home Schooling, Breakfast and the Phone Man

Hi Everybody,

I'm back. I'm feeling so light and happy today. I just sat down at the computer and am reading about the black water mystery off Southwestern Florida. It's an enormous algae bloom of some kind. I clicked the link because it sounded interesting, anything about the sea appeals to me, but I'm more interested in the sunken city off Cuba, that Art Bell has been talking about for a while now.

I'm also opening my mail, the first thing I opened had the cutest drawing of a cat on it and it said open me. I knew immediately it was from Jen and it was. A birthday card, yeay, thanks Jen : )

We got in super late on Sunday, Easter, because there had been a ground stop in LA due to fog, and our plane from San Diego had to wait it out. Scott ordered a ridiculous ostentatious limousine to pick us up. I hate big gaudy limos, they seem so promish and silly, but it was a relief to have someone help with all of the bags and not to have to worry about anything. Beau loved it, he likes the big ones with all of the color changing twinkly lights inside. I like smaller limos in black, you know, just in case any of you want to send one to pick me up for any reason, heh.

I'll tell you all about our trip when I'm a bit more settled in. I got to see lots of nudibranchs, baby jellyfish, and other marine life buddies. I'm going to try to identify them cause I like to do that. I talked to the lifeguard at the hotel about all of things I'd seen because he was the only person who seemed to know anything, but all we could do was try to figure out what things were called in Spanish. There were lots of these pink collector urchins, small round creatures who pick up bits of rocks and shells and glue them to themselves for cover. We have some gorgeous shells in our collection that did the same thing, but I feel sad about having shells now because I don't want to be part of anything's having been killed. I wouldn't mind having shells or bits of coral as long as I knew they had died naturally and wouldn't deprive other creatures of their use. Oh and this beach was littered with white bleached out bits of coral. I was concerned about that, where did it come from, how did it die? However, underwater there were so many wonderful baby patches of coral, and that made me feel hopeful.

I was dying to see The Panic Room, so as soon as I woke up yesterday I rushed right out to see it. I dream of living in a house like that, sigh. Oh and I finally broke down and bought myself a cell phone. I didn't think I had good enough credit to qualify but I did. I got a little Motorola and changed the face plate to clear and replaced the battery with a rainbow colored one that flashes and lights up all the buttons, I knew Beau would like it.

Prelief has been a huge help with my Interstitial Cystitis, I don't want to know what it's made from just yet. I'm afraid that some of these ingredients may not be vegetarian and it's been giving me so much pain relief. I won't take Occilococynum (sp?) for that reason, and there's that ground shellfish pill that's supposed to help with weight loss, and lipstick that has fish scales, and honey, argh so much to watch for. I've been loving tea lately. Oh and I went to an acupuncturist and it just occurred to me that his treatment may have something to do with how much better I was feeling and my not being as hungry. Remind me to talk to Scott about this : )

I withdrew Beau from school today. It was a huge decision for me but I finally made it. I refuse to subject him to any more abuse so I'm going to home school him until the end of the year. We'll get him some tutoring as well, and next year he'll go to New Roads. He was accepted at New Roads and wait listed for Crossroads. In either case it's at least fifteen hundred per month which seems impossibly high.

I'm having veggie links and corn muffins, well at least I think I am, for breakfast. I guess I should be getting back to my old oatmeal with a banana, a bit of rice milk and a fruit smoothie, but I wanted something heartier. Nope, Saida can't find the corn muffins, so I'll have to go down and show them to her later, I'll be having veggie links and a veggie chili pie instead. Oh darn the phone repair man is here, I was hoping he might come a bit later so I wouldn't have to deal with him this early. The office smells ratty and ferrety and needs some cleaning. It's tidier than it's been in a while but it's still a chaos of papers and stuff. Ack here comes a stranger and I'm only wearing a tee-shirt.

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