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Ooh Hi Everybody,

The Bathysphere or Stan, by Finley Fryer, in collaboration with Kirk LeClaire and Jayne Bruck Fryer. see the bottom of this entry for my happy/weird Synchronistic explanation.

Ooh Hi Everybody,

Today's word is BATHYSPHERE, again. Actually that's been the word I wake up with every few days for a while now. Why? Do any of you guys ever wake up with a weird disconnected word on your minds? I'm sure I've mentioned this to you before and it's driving me kinda buggy. That I keep waking up with this one word, doesn't make any kind of sense to me, other than there might be a bunch of truly mad French marine biologists, who are sitting around some bathysphere, chanting my name while I sleep. But what would they want with a wild, fat, scuba-certified, wacky, actor-gal like me?

I'm beginning to wonder if it's a message of some kind. No I'm not nuts, just spiritually open minded. It's such a fun, weird, disjointed word. It's fun to say and kind of rolls off my tongue. Bathysphere. Well, I don't know. *Shrug*

Thank you for all of your help and comments and friendhsip. You are the grooviest. I love livejournal. It's such a great community and suits me perfectly.

I love my friend Susan, she has stuck by me through everything. She drove over just to see how I was doing the other day. That's a friend. Not someone who hurts you and tears you down, judging you by what they can gain from your presence in their life, being rigid and unforgiving and telling stories about you, behind your back, to other people. Loving bridgebuilders, like me, those are the kinds of people I want to populate my life with. Not the walking wounded, who rob you of your self, and point their mean sticky fingers at your world.

The kids are in here now. Esther's little girl Andrea, who's five, and Edgar(11), and Talia/Wedgie(8). They're so cute. They call Talia, Wegie, because when Ed was little his aunt had a little baby boy named Regie, and Ed thought all babies were called Wegies, he couldn't pronounce the R. So when his little sister was born he said, "Now we have a Wedgie", and the name stuck.

They just ran up the stairs and banged into my office because the mail came. They must ahve been fighting over it because they each had one envelope. They were so excited about the mail. So I let them open them and then I explained what each one had. Then they ran back down and brought up some of the ebay boxes and opened them wiht such happy joy. Of course one fo the boxes had a little nakes Asian statue gal so Edgar got emberaased. it's so pretty it's sitting here on my desk. Ebay, ack, still working on it. Back to the mines as soon as I finish this entry.

I know I've been telling you that they've been driving me crazy and that it's been so much stress for all of us, but things are looking up and I love having them around. I think the deal is that I love children and communal living and I want to have a bigger family. It's kind of obvious with all the cats and people I always have around. I'm sure i'll adopt or foster when I'm in a better place, and have more to offer.

One of you wonderful livejournal-lovebugs told me about some used book search sites and I went there and looked up Colete books and they are just now arriving. What a thrill, first edition Coletes. Woohoo. I also hunted down the Hitachi Magic Wand's, and look what just arrived today, a double headed one, yikes. That'd be like riding a Harley or something, I think. Defininte vibrational overkill. VVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVV

I'm rushing to get everything done so I can get out of town. My transmission is shot, cars, argh. So I have to drop it off and then rent something, but man, renting another 4x4, or even a van is expensive. $79.00 dollars a day.

I went to talk to the motor home people about renting for a week for Burning Man. Ready for this; $2,200.00, plus mileage costs and insurance and a $1,500.00 deposit, what?!?!?!? All of this is due due thirty days in advance or it's, screw you and get lost suckers, we have people lined up for these big ugly things.

I don't know if I can or should try to get the money for this, from my wealthy but controling mother who supports me, and from whom I should not be taking anything anymore, unless I want to be hit with a two ton Cadillac again. Shoot, that reminds me I have to call them, damn, that means I ahve to decide right now, and I was hoping I could find a cheaper alternative. My dream vehicle would be a big bus or a motor home that I own myself, and can paint in beautiful, trippy, rainbow and flourescent colors.

Are things this expensive because of where I live? Do you think LA is more costly than other places? I know rent and housing prices are ridiculous. Have a laugh at this; my buddy has to pay $1,000.00 dollars a month for a one bedroom apartment, no garage or storage really to speak of. Two bedroom houses in my neighborhood are going for $3,000.00, that's nuts isn't it?

Even though I promised myself last year that I would devote this year to saving money, and being prepared for Burning Man 2000, I'm still way behind as usual. I don't have this kind of money right now, and I haven't made the banners to drape the thing with or figured out our creatively decorated playa transportation. Weird, fun and fantasy costuming, I can always figure out at the last minute, and my hair well, I'm looking for someone patient and affordable who can braid in a bunch of red and pink thread, bells, charms and extensions. Basically I'm looking for something wild and creative but totally low maintenance so I won't have to worry about doing much more than running water through it.

My cat Baby is crying outside my office door. She's my oldest kitty. A big fluffy long haired back Siamesey girl. I ahve to shaveher hair every Summer because she gets so hot she just lays down and kind of gives up on trying to clean herself. When I cut her hair I feel sort of guilty because she looks like a little black lion but I think she feels much better this way. I think she wants me to let her in my bedroom. Okay me go...Bathysphere.

I'll check in from Palm Springs, where I hope to be floating on my back in a big blue pool of water, staring up into the star filled night sky, and counting the fronds on the Palm Trees. I'm going to take my digital camera so I can take some pics for you.

Love you guys,

PS: Okay you guys this is about as weird and weirder as it gets, well for me at least, as long as you dont count the ghost stories I collect. After I wrote this entry I went to my favorite, lazygal's site; askjeeves.com, to hunt down anything that might resemble a bathsyphere, so I could have a fun little image to go along with my story.

Well long story longer, the very first link I went to for Bathysphere took me here, where I found this this amazing artist, and this sculpture that I had loved so much at Burning Man last year. How weird!!!! Bathysphere connects to Burning Man, hmmmmm, that's too strange. I never knew what it was called or who had created it. I just took some pics and adored it, like some kind of happy, beautiful, musical, stained glass touchstone. So I went to the site and looked at all the pics and read about it and emailed the poor guy, telling him about my Bathysphere word thing. Now I am his ardent supporter and fan. I guess those froggy marine biolgists don't need me after all ; )

Stan was constructed in 1999, over a period of seven months. The sculpture was built in Dunsmuir by Finley Fryer, in collaboration with Kirk LeClaire and Jayne Bruck Fryer. Stan, also known as the diver, is the main character in Kirk LeClaire�s� musical show called STAN�S ROOM, a wild eclectic mix of music and far flung narration. The sculpture, � Stan�s Room / Submerging Man� was first installed at the 1999 Burning Man festival in the Black Rock Desert, Nevada. At that installation Stan lit up at night and the music emanated from within, like the worlds largest juke box.

Here's a little more information about the bathysphere project/sculpture of Stan.

I can't seem to break out of these frames and I don't know how to get his direct url so For information please contact finleyfryer@snowcrest.net

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