Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

I found another one of my Grannies dresses, yeay!!! They set a high minimum though, damnit, so it's at $85.00 and holding, I so hope I won't have to pay more than that for this because I kind of went nuts last night and had a wee eBay spend attack. I bought Mars Attacks toys because I love them so much, (some of them actually say, ack ack ack ackity ack, and you know how much I love that word,) and sea glass. Since I can't get to the ocean and do my own beachcombing I bought someone else's collection. It would be pretty easy to lie, but these look real.

I promised Beau we'd go to Toys R Us so that's what I'll be doing with my exhausted body today. I'm kind of bummed about it though because we have to take his little friend and that means I'll be spending more money because I can't bear not to get him a toy or two too. Although justa few minutes ago Beau came in and said Steven was being mean to him. I asked him if he wants me to take him home and he said no. God, I wish he'd find someone kinder to play with. Later Scotti comes over and we'll have Mexican food and El Cholo and then we're going to see the new Bogdonovish movie about the Thomas Ince murder, yeay. Just thought I'd fill you in, you know, jsut in case anyone wants to stalk us. Did I tell you we woke up to find nine new baby bunnies, yeah, I guess I did, sigh. Ack, ack, ackity, ack.

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