Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

My sweet, wonderful man is the best lover in all the world. The hardest thing for me though, is to open up and feel, and then not be able to touch him, kiss him, or be near him for a while. Beau and I are going to go to Ventura tomorrow, I've been craving the sea and the beach so this is a kind of quick emergency sea trip. When we get back we have to go to our house in Palm Springs because an old friend of the family is having a house warming luau. Is that how you spell luau? It looks weird.

I want to share pictures of the funny things I bought at the Rose Bowl swap meet on Sunday, but I think it would take forever to do and I'm so tired. Hmmm, maybe I will...

Oh and Scott helped me get over my insecurity thang by putting up a really beautiful post on his journal for me, well the picture of me isn't the thing I was referring to as beautiful, the kind words were.

I went to the dog park today and Puppy and another dog got in a little tiff thing. I'm still a little afraid of her because of her being mostly pit. She's had a couple of very minor tiffs with other dogs, no one gets hurt, but they make a lot of noise and Puppy kind of yell cries. It scares me, but I love her, and I don't know how I'm going to find a good home for her. Oh and the woman whose dog she got in a fight with is the woman who hates me because Beau threw a stick over the baseball fence one day and it hit her in the head. Long story, but basically she's a high strung monster and the last person whose dog I would want Puppy to get into anything with, yikes. Everyone was okay though, it just sounded awful.

Tonight Scotti came over and I gave him a massage and we took a shower together and tried out some of the lovely Lush.com bath products I had bought, fun, fun, fun and loving. Then we worked on his CD design and ordered a pizza. I'm sad because I wasn't able to design his CD for him with the programs I have. Scott was tired and didn't have the patience to keep fiddling around with stuff and decided it would be better to hire a graphic designer, he's right, I just wanted to do it for him, but I would rather he have whatever is better for him and for his CD. I have great taste and ideas but I don't have the skill. I think I'll take an online class through SMC so this kind of thing won't happen again.

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