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Raise your hands if you're real, errrr, umm, wait?

I'm reading about five books right now, all at the same time. Two that a friend recommended, and I snapped up right away from Amazon, because I respect my pals' book, film, and TV opinions, and a few that I picked up the other day while I was browsing.

One that I finished in a couple of hours was the Rosie O'Donnell book, Find Me. It's about a relationship she developed over the phone, and by e-mail, with a woman who had played out a whole fake scenario with her, pretending to be a young pregnant teen, who had been raped and was now pregnant, her mother, and her father. She was so involved with this "girl" that she had given her all of her private numbers, was talking to her for several hours every night, and even got a friend to agree to quit her job so she could move in with this girl, who would be living in Rosie's apartment in New York during the last months of her pregnancy. In the end when Rosie discovers that she's been duped, she doesn't get angry with the woman, who turns out to be a thirty-two year old multiple, but befriends her and continues to maintain this friendship on-line.

While I think this is a super loving thing to do, in terms of compassion and forgiveness, I'm kind of baffled. I hate being tricked. I hate thinking someone is one person and finding out that they are really someone else. I've run in to this on line a few times and it's really stung when it's happened.

I'm wondering how you guys deal with it. Do you believe your Live Journal and on-line friends are who they say they are? Do you require hard proof of some kind before you'll open up, or do you just jump in and trust people? Is there anyone here who you suspect of being a fraud, and if so would you feel safe enough to tell me?

Some random thoughts;
My stomach hurts and I feel kind of weird and off.
On a happier note, Beau's favorite cat, Rook is doing better after fasting and baby food.
I'm glad that Jack Osbourne got his dog Lola back, but think he ought to learn how to walk her.
I was really shocked, and am upset for ana because some tax men actually came to her house and accused her of tax evasion. I would be terrified if something like that happened to us, it's the kind of thing you hear about but that never happens this close to home. I mean my Father was audited once, but they hardly came by the house in dark suits and sunglasses.
I kind of like the Mike's Hard Lemonade ads because they're weird.
I am so phobic about leaving places that I can't seem to get us out of here and back home again. We're still in Palm Springs.
Beau isn't being super helpful or really helpful at all. No surprise.
He reminds me so much of myself.
I still love Elvis Costello.
I wonder how Thomas Ince really died on that yacht long ago.
I'm so depressed about my weight I won't go see my friend's play because I don't want him to see how much I've gained.
Last night I dreamt I was in a play that he was directing and I was panicked I'd have to go on at any minute and wouldn't know my lines.
I also dreamt about my Dad.
I miss my Dad.
I watched Sex and the City and then Six Feet Under, back to back, last night. It was like some kind of emotionally orgiastic catharthis of some kind for me.
I hate the sound of the door opening and closing on my buddy list.
I've tried changing it to other things but they are all equally distressing for me.
I think we will stay at least one more night.
Maybe we'll have dinner at PF Chang's and try to find a movie we haven't seen yet.
Don't take your elderly Mother to see The Sweetest Thing, she won't like the scene where Christina pees in a men's urinal and Cameron gets poked in the eye by a dick.
I love Scott.
Sometimes grass makes me itch.
I love dogs too.
Stop me before I get another cat.
I want to get a big huge Great Dane.
Mummies scare me.
One of my little rats died.
She had a good life, but I never think I've done enough for them, been a good enough pet partner.
I'm also feeling really old, aging is tough.
I want extensions.
Scott is being very obscure right now.
I thought about my old friend Jen today when I watched this sad trial about a selfish kid, who burned down a barn filled with horses, on Court TV today.
Why are kids so friggin lazy when it comes to cleaning and helping out their parents?
And eBay is soooo slow today.

BYE : ) Yup, I still use smileys.

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