Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

Viruses, Ghosts, and Cat Litter

Hello My Little Live Journal Darlings,

How are all of you? I miss you. I've been spacey and slow moving in Palm Desert/Palm Springs and it's hard to check in as much as I'd like, when I'm using a poky laptop that I'm sharing with a Diablo II loving monkey boy.

I have a quick question for you and then I'll tell you a minor ghost story. My dear old friend Ed received an e-mail from his parents and his brother, I think, I would have posted it but I'm suspicious and careful and deleted it. I think it's a virus hoax letter. It says something about a virus that sends itself out to everyone in your address book. In order to correct the virus you need to go here and there and remove a file that looks like a little black face. Ed's parents did it and then he did it and he was going to get me to do it, if I hadn't remembered reading about a hoax like this. What do you think?

Okay, the promised minor ghost story. Last night I went with Beau to this new movie/shopping complex here called The River. It's nice, beautifully designed with lots of water features, restaurants, some coffee places, a Borders, and a huge Krikorian Cinema Theatre. After dinner at PF Changs (that's our second time this week) Beau and I went to the theatres. It was pretty late, 10:30, I went to see High Crimes, which this dumb waiter had ruined for me, by blurting out the ending. Anyway I went to see the movie and Beau decided he'd rather play in the arcade than see The Scorpion King. My sister-in-law, Tiffany's first cousin, Jimmy Caviezel, was in it and it's been fun watching his career rise.

After the movie I went to collect Beau but he was having so much fun playing this dance jump game thing, and he had a little further to go in order to beat some record so I let him stay and walked back down this long deserted hallway to go to the restroom. While I was sitting there, (I'm the queen of pee), a young woman came in and not noticing that I was there started talking to herself. She said, "Okay-ay, it's pretty quiet in here. I'm not gonna be afraid just because I'm all alone."

I didn't want to scare her by surprising her so I thought it would be better to tell her that I was in here and that she wasn't alone so I said, "Ummm, I'm in here too," and she screamed. Then we talked to each other through our stalls. I explained that I was just trying to make her feel more comfortable and she said, "God, I've seen and heard so much stuff here there's no way anyone could make me feel comfortable." Well, you probably know that I'm a ghost story magnet so I waited and while we washed our hands together and walked back to the front of this enormous and super deserted theatre complex, she filled me in on her experiences.

She said that she works the latest shift and that she and her friends are always afraid to go in to the theatres or bathrooms alone because so many weird things happen there. She said that things move on their own from where they are supposed to be to really weird locations, and when they view the security tapes, there are never any people around when it happens. She said that she'll be doing something and here people talking behind her and when she turns around they're gone. Sometimes she'll here someone talking and turn a corner and discover that no one is there, or anywhere near there. The worst is that she hears someone calling her name and there is never anyone around who could have done it.

I told her that I thought the only places that are haunted are old buildings, something this big place couldn't be, and Indian Burial Grounds. She laughed and said, "What do you think this whole area, in fact the entire Coachella Valley is built on? Hmmmph, Indians. I think this entire complex is haunted. You should hear some of the stories I've heard." I would have stuck around and asked her to tell me but by then we had walked to the front and I don't like to talk about this stuff in front of Beau because he's so sensitive. Now I want to research the local Indian tribes. We're going to go to the Palm Desert Historical society and see what we can learn.

Don't you hate it when your kitties walk on you when they still have cat litter stuck on their paws?

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