Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

Hi Kids,

I snagged this picture for you to see because it's so pretty. I love dolphins so much.

I'm feeling better tonight. I am such a hormonal creature. I usually get kind of blue and agitated about ten days before my period and then I get horny and then I get really sensitive and then around about day three or four of my period I feel better.

Too much information? What the hell, it's a journal, and you guys just happen to be reading this over my shoulder.

I had some fun tonight answering questions on askme.com. I got to do some research on Tahiti and Bora Bora. I answered a question about how to get an agent and how I started acting. I answered a pretty detailed kind of query about snorkels and scuba diving, and then I wound it up with a nice big answer about this poor guy's terrible problem of making all the women he's ever slept with, have these wildly powerful, exhausting, multiple orgasms. Poor little high school kid with too much time on his hands. I hope he got a good yuck or too over all those big words like penis, vagina and clitoris.

I watched Big Brother and liked it.

I got to swim under the beautiful dark sky and a full moon.

Tomorrow we are going to go to The Living Desert to see some living desert beings or else.

My new kitty is so cute. Oh and Beau's favorite mouse died, I haven't told him yet, I'm so dreading it.

Love you guys,

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