Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

Oh man they're showing the new Hubble Telescope space photos on CBS Evening News. They're so beautiful.

Beau is outside fooling around with his putter on the golf course. He's so cute.

Ping and Rook are sitting beside me on the couch.

Hopefully we'll leave tomorrow after Beau has a golf lesson. I spent so much fo my life avoiding it, that it kind of amazes me that he's interested. I wish my Father were alive to see this. He would have been so happy.

I don' t understand the way their television channels work here. They kind of switch on and off and move around. I'll be watching something interesting like, oh I don't know, a celebrity profile on E or something, and then they'll put on some infomercial about golf carts. Frustrating.

My birth control pills are so messed up. I wrote about it yesterday but then the great computer goddess gobbled it up. Basically I've missed pills and taken the wrong ones and made a huge mess of everything this month. I'm a raging headachey estrogen queen and I don't like it.

I'm missing Scott desperately. I want him want him want him but he's all the way over there and I can't grab him and make him mine. He's been sick anyway and I've been stuck in this weird hormonal vortex but I still wish he were here right now so I could drag him in my bedroom and lock the door.

Hey, we have The Osbournes to look forward to tonight, yeay.

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