Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

Big Spider Jumps On Jacqui's Face

A huge spider jumped on my face today. He jumped on my face, then down to my shoulder, and then down to the ground. It was so scary and he was huge. I think he must have been five to six inches across, kind of yellowish, with a furry body. He didn't look like a tarantula. His legs were too long and skinny.

Even though I'm completely freaked out and am a total arachnaphobe, I would never hurt a spider, I always take them out in cups. Luckily this happened on our patio so after I took lots of pictures, I left him alone so he could escape. I swear I thought a bird had landed on my shoulder until I saw him headed for the ground with those enormous spidery legs all splayed out. Man that was scary. Of course ever since my little spider run in this afternoon I've been prickly and terrified of every little sensation. I'm so tense you could crack nuts on my shoulders.

I've been all over the net so I know that the big spiders aren't the super dangerous venomous ones, but I didn't know that this afternoon. My best guess is that he was a wolf spider or maybe a huntsman. After I got over being terrified that he had super spider powers and could fly up and suck out my eyes or something like that, I wanted to make friends with him and pet him, but I didn't know what he was or if he could hurt me, and he had terrified me with that whole jump on my face behavior.

I looked up jumping spiders and he doesn't resemble any of them. He looks like the super dangerous brown recluse, but they are way too small, this guy was huge. I'm going to take my pictures to this great place I belong to here, that's just up the street a bit, called The Living Desert. They have spider pets there and I'm sure they'll know what he was.

I think I learned more about spiders tonight than I wanted to. I mean now on top of all the things I obsess about I have worry about getting a spider bite that liquifies my tissue and gives me a necrotic lesion. Until we leave I'll be checking my shoes and peeking under the covers. I swear I'm so scared I'm typing this with my feet up just in case there are any spiders under this table.

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