Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

Yeay I'm home. I'm sitting at my beloved computer. Ahhhh wonderful, wonderful DSL, speed, and lots and lots of memory. Parrrrrrtey!

I have too many animals. Why didn't anyone tell me this before? ; ) I'm thinking of starting a twelve step program for pet collectors, Animals Anonymous. You could go to meetings and people would applaud when you say things like, "I was at the pet store, and there was this guy, who was buying a rat to feed to his snake, and I just said, No, I can't bring home three more rats to make up for this." Oh and BTW I was at a pet store, and there was this guy with a rat in a bag... I'm trying to figure out where we're going to fit the three new rats.

Well, we are officially in Bunny Breeding Hell. We have so many rabbits I could use them to help Beau with his multiplication tables. Everyone warned me, but did I listen? Did it help me get off my procrastinating ass and get any of these sex mad bunnies fixed? Nope. Anyone want a cute cuddly sweet little rabbit pal?

They're so sweet and super cute too. The Mom came from the Magic Bunny Lady in the valley who breeds all of the bunnies for local magicians and The Magic Castle. She breeds them for calmness, tininess, (they have to fit in those hats), and cuteness, they're all white with a little Cleopatra rim around their eyes.

My computer is a magnet for pet hair. Heh, oh well, makes it easier to clean up.

I'm growing up. It's a super slow process but it's fun to watch. I can tell because I'm tired of behaving in certain ways and repeating patterns that are just too old to waste my time on anymore. I wish I could be more specific but I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings. Basically I'm sick of participating in sycophantic one way relationships on line with people I've grown past. I just don't have time for it anymore. You know it sounds silly to say I'm still growing up at my age, but all I have to do is look at my Mom to know it's true, basically she's just a big spoiled baby in an old lady suit.

I would never want her to hear me say something like that because I know it would hurt her, and she's so smart and terrific in some ways, but in so many other, important ways, she's delayed, and I don't understand how she doesn't see it or care. Big stressed out sigh.

Beau is growing too. Esther said he was so much bigger, (we've been gone three weeks), that she was shocked.

Oh and a funny story about Esther's Mom for Cinco de Mayo, which we like to refer to around here as Kinko Dey Mayo. Esther had to take her daughter Andrea to the clinic because she's going to need glasses. Segue to, I have always wanted glasses, I think they're sexy and cool and make you look smart, but I'm sure that's no comfort to the people who have to wear them. Anyway Esther and Andrea and Grandma Esther were in the waiting room and there was this girl who they've all seen before. She's thirteen but she appears to be suffering from some form of retardation, (Esther calls it mongolismo which sounds awful, I wish I knew the kinder name to use but I don't), and she always comes with both of her parents because she's kind of hard to handle. Anyway she was dancing to some song in Spanish with the lyrics, Take off your mask, take off your mask, something like that.

Granny Esther had to go to the bathroom, and you might have to know her to know how funny this would be, because she's eighty-something, very proper, and super fiery, so if something pisses her off she just explodes. My Esther inherited this lovely attribute from her Mom as well. So Mama Esther goes to pee and suddenly the door whooshes open, the lights flip off, and the thirteen year old girl comes running up to the toilet screeching something totally garbled and clawing at G. Esther's face. Then the girl flips the lights back on, wiggles her hands in front of her face laughing, like Ha, Ha, Ha, I tricked you, and then zips back out the door. Well, Esther's Mom started screaming and swearing, calling the girl a whole string of bad words in Spanish like puta, pinchi pendeja and worse, (which Esther and all of the other parents and kids could hear on the other side of the door), then she pulled herself together and went and told the girl's parents.

Apparently that had been her little trick for the day, and she had been doing it to anyone who happened to go to the bathroom with the non functioning lock. I guess it would be one thing if a four year old did that to you, but when a big drooling thirteen year old does it, it can be pretty scary. Esther, Jr. told Esther, Sr. that maybe the girl was just trying to, Take off her mask, like in the song. So for the rest of the day, Esther's family teased her by singing the song, Quitate la Mascara.

Well, I have to get going, children to supervise, cats to play with, and lots and lots of mail to open. The best part of coming home is that I get to open all of these things I bought on eBay, weeeeee.

Love you guys,

PS: I'm really bleary, tired, and am so looking forward to seeing Six Feet Under, and well, having sex with my Scott-Man again tonight, hee, he's so boundaried and careful, I just love making him blush. Scott is my wonderful lover, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha. Hey, will you guys hurry up and listen to this song.

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