Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

I'm trying to figure our computer situation out. My computer is a Compaq Presario 7970 AMD. It's a great little buddy, it's been fast and helpful and I kiss it's inner workings, but the CDrw and DVD drives don't work, and haven't worked for a super long time. I haven't backed up any of my data, so all of my writing and all of my photos and art are at risk. Knock on something living. I'm staring at two zip drives I have yet to install because I'm a lazy but loving procrastinator dolly. I wonder where I would even hook them up because my Palm Pilot and my digital camera are taking up the little slots on the back of the computer. Are they called ports? See how lame I am at this. Anyway my major needs, computer wise, are to get my cam hooked up and running, and my scanner, the zip drive, so I can back up all this data, and be able to plug my video camera in, and install my movie editing software.

Beau has a little computer that doesn't have much storage capacity, is a bit pokey, and the modem doesn't work. I want to get him a bigger, faster computer with a DSL modem. Scott's computer is getting old now and he needs a bigger faster system. Saida's, (our housekeeper), son Freddy just graduated from eighth grade. When Esther's son Eduardo graduated from eight grade I got him a computer. I had more credit then and just charged it, but things are a little bit tighter now. I'm trying to figure out what to do.

I was thinking maybe I could buy a new computer for myself, fix the broken drives on my computer, give my computer to Beau, fix Beau's modem, and give Beau's computer to Freddy. Freddy isn't really expecting a computer but he can't have failed to notice that I got one for Eduardo when he graduated. He will need one for high school that will allow him to do research and write reports. I talked to his Mom today and told her that I was sorry I hadn't been able to get her one and she said that she didn't want me to because she didn't want me to feel obligated to do things for them.

What to do?

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