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Reality TV, A Dream About Gillian Anderson, Still Recovering From My Spider Visit, Rush Limbaugh and Destiny, and My Things To Do List

The Osbournes was so good last night, I'm going to miss it. I feel like I know them and want to play with them, but that's the trick of this kind of TV, it makes you feel like you know these people and can interact with them in real life. I've also been watching Real World Chicago, which I have always loved and have been watching since the very first season. I want the handsome guy, Kyle, to hook up with Keri, the pretty puffy lipped girl. I don't like Kyle's real life girlfriend, she seems so mean and emotionally shut down, but maybe that's just the way she is on the phone. Maybe her voice isn't that flat and affectless in real life. I would like to know what's wrong with Tonya, (Did you know she was a foster child? Wow that certainly increases the respect I feel for her), that she has to keep going to the hospital so much. I don't understand what her health problem is. I wish Aneesa and Cara would find wonderful, loving partners, and that Aneesa's mother would come to terms with her daughter's being gay, and lovingly accept her as she is. Oh and it was pretty disturbing and darkly ironic that the art on the wall of Kyle's bedroom was a bunch of planes smashing in to, or flying through the wall. I wonder if that was a sort of unconscious but prescient act on the part of the set designer.

I love Reality TV soo much, maybe because it's so escapist. If Survivor, Fear Factor, and that other scary show, weren't always killing and eating animals, or doing freaky things with blood and stuff, I'd watch them too. I loved that House show, I can't believe I've forgotten the name of it.

I remember the last part of my dreams from last night. I'm at a market trying to get my shopping done as quickly as possible because my Mother is angry that I am taking too long. I'm worried that I don't have enough room on my credit card to pay for the things I'm buying. I've made a little place to sit on top of a pile of boxes and I have snacks and a magazine and am going to take a break here.

The magazine is an old Enquirer and Gillian Anderson is on the cover wearing a girly pink dress. The article is about a man she met and married on the set, an actor who turned out to be a jerk.

Now I'm in a scene from the magazine. I'm working on an X-Files set. It's a crummy little motel room and this actor guy is giving Gillian unwanted tips and line readings. He's really smarmy but for some reason she is responding to him. I don't like him, he seems like a pushy, controlling, hack. The kind of guy women surrender all of their power to, just because he acts like he should hold it for them.

Gillian and I are becoming friendly. She is hard to reach and cold at first but I am totally kind in a quiet helpful way and she begins to accept me. I have to make the bed and it's so hard for me to do. It's too fluffy and full. A girl comes in and asks me why we are mussing up the bed, that it shouldn't look like she's been in it, she should be sitting on top of it. I worry about continuity and then realize that they must have Polaroids lying around. Gill's dad show's up and wants to treat everyone to some kind of food he's brought. She doesn't like this idea and wants me to short out the electricity in the motel room so he can't come and plug something in here.

Suddenly anther actress comes into the room. She is younger and has bleached blonde hair. She has injured her back somehow and needs to lay on one of the beds. All of the men on the set are very attentive to her. Gillian glares and indicates that she doesn't like her. She's too manipulative and fake.

Some older guy on the set is giving her advice. He thinks she should hang upside from one of those bars that you hang in your closet doorway, and that they should find a certain kind of spider and have it bite her to thin her blood. As soon as the men are distracted, she makes an excuse, and runs away. I guess she didn't like the spider idea. End of dream.

There is the sweetest sounding bird here by my window. My office is on the second story of my house and there is this ficus hedge that separates my property from my yucky neighbors. It's two stories tall and when the squirrels and birds hang out there I get this great secret view into their world. I love it so much. Nature is everything!

I'm listening to Rush Limbaugh on the radio. I listen to him sometimes just to keep an eye on what the other side is up to. I worry though that he'll persuade me and I'll get sucked in to his way of thinking. I'm liking that he's picking on Bush lately. I'm also glad that he's sounding so much better since he got his Cochlear implant. I don't think it's a mistake that people with incredible media visibility suffer major health setbacks, like with Christopher Reeve, and Michael J. Fox, I think these things happen so that they can bring more attention to these diseases and help more people. I think it might even be a kind of fated agreement that they signed on for before they came to this plane of existence. It reminds me of the Spider Man quote, "With great power comes great responsibility."

Something must be going on with the weather because all of the little hairs (can you pluralize hair with an s?) on my legs and arms keep perking up. It's the weirdest feeling and with my latest spider run in, I'm extra spooked by little tickley feelings. I was talking to Beau about this because he can feel it when his hairs move up and down, and we were wondering if everyone feels this or if it's just something that hypersensitive people experience. I've heard the phrase, my hair stood on end, but is it referring to the hair on your legs and arms, or on your head, and without it being related to fear? Does this ever happen to you? You feel something, you think it might be a bug, but it's just your tiny little hair moving around? It feels so weird, I'm sure it must have something to do with ions.

I won't have my car for a couple of days because I took it in for some repair work. I had been driving around with a burned out headlight for about six months. I also sideswiped it with a motor home, scraped the other side of it along my picket fence, got rear ended twice on the freeway by women who were busy talking on their cell phones, but never bothered to get their insurance to pay for repairs, the air conditioner is out of coolant, the lights inside don't work, and it stalls in the mornings when it's cold. Oh and one of the tires has a leak. I told you, I'm a big procrastinator.

I got a lot done yesterday though. I think everything depends on my getting enough sleep. If I can make myself go to bed before midnight, put in an earplug or two, keep my bladder from hurting too much by avoiding all of the foods that freak it out, take a sleeping pill, and stay in bed long enough in the morning, I might be lucky enough to get a few things done before the Fibromyalgia creeps up on me and forces me to give up on getting anything else done. I have a list of things I want to get done today. I think I'll post it for fun so you can see what it looks like. Wish me luck.

Jacqui's To Do List For Wednesday
(I'll cross things off as I get them done.)

Call Beau's old school and reassure them that I will send a letter stating that I am home schooling him.
Write the letter stating that I am home schooling him.
Call his new school and request a new registration packet. Get the total we need to send to them.
Follow up with another phone call to Adrian in the school business office.
Call vets and schedule appointment for cat neuter spays. Tell them about Fufu looking thin. Ask for more vitamins.
Call Katie's Pet Depot and see if they would like the baby bunnies.
Buy another bunny hutch for bunnies in Beau's room who are getting too big for aquarium.
Fold newsletters, attach envelopes and deliver to neighbors.
Make Freddy's dog walking flyer for him.
Clean office with Esther.
Go to Susan's journal and see what she said about Spot.
Find the phone number or address of those nice guys (vintagemartini?) who sent me a gorgeous beaded Peggy top for free and thank them.
Be brave and schedule an appointment for my teeth and Beau's.
When is my next appointment with Susan shrink? Is it Friday, and will it conflict with acupuncturist?
Plan Beau's birthday party. Call guests. Find paint gun store. What arcade? Order Game Cube for Mom to give to him.
Call gas station, ask Tim when my car will be ready.
Get to nail gals for toes soon.
Beau needs to see doctor for various health questions, make appointment.
Get new Palm Pilot or get it repaired, find receipt warranty from Best Buys.
Back up computer ASAP. Install zip drive if possible, use ports on front.

LOL Freddy just came up to my office with a badly packed box that just came in the mail. When he handed it to me a little mechanical voice from inside it said, "Take me to your leader." I loved the movie Mars Attacks and the action figure toys from it are really great. We collected the whole set at the time, all the little aliens, spaceships, and those cool brain laser guns, but Beau and I played with them so much that they got really messed up, scratched, and some went missing, so I just bought some on eBay. I'm trying to imagine what all of the mail people, whose hands this package has passed through, on it's way from Florida to California must have thought, when all the little aliens talked through the box at them. "We come in peace. Take me to your leader. Ack ackity ack."

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