Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

Glowing Paint Splatters, Beau's Birthday and Juliette

Oh shoot I so have to get going but I want to play on Kevininatutus'srelatively newVintage Sex Community journal some more, waaaaa.

A funny thing happened last night that I want to tell you about before I run off and shower. I had bought these pretty glowing rainbow necklace tubes for the kids to wear tonight at the arcade castle place. Scott and Beau and I were busy stuffing all of the kids favor bags. I got some really fun stuff from the party store and Ahhhs. Squishy stuff in balls, stickers, big exploding crackers, collector's cards, edible sour gummy watches, sour apple chewy straws, glittery body paints and makeup for the girls, airplanes and rockets, silly straws, and so much more stuff but shoot I can't remember right now because I'm too tired. Anyway I had pulled the long necklace sticks out of their packages and set them on the bed, but chippy, Beau's beautiful long haired black cat, who likes to play with everything, stepped on them, which broke the tubes inside and set them off. The glow would be gone by today so Beau put them all on. Then after Scott left, we turned all the lights off and made trippy swirly patterns in the darkness.

Chippy wanted to get in on the fun too so he grabbed one away from us and chewed some holes in it. All of the glowing paint sprayed all over the bed. It was soooo cool! The paint continued to glow in spots all over the place. This gave Beau the idea that it would be fun to spread it all over the place and kind of make a glowing star filled rainbow room so I let him. He got scissors and cut the ends off the tubes and splattered the glowing paint everywhere. It was so much fun and soooo beautiful. You should have seen the cats. The best part though was when we splattered some of it in my glass sinks then lay down underneath them in the cupboard and looked up at the glowing glass from underneath, wow, amazing. Then we went in my shower and splattered it all over the glass and marble, that was so pretty, like a weird life size, black light, spin art cube.

The only problem with all of this is that inside the little plastic tubes is another tube made out of glass. That's the snapping sound you hear when you bend the tube, it holds one of the chemicals that when mixed with the other chemical makes the liquid phosphoresce. We hadn't thought about that, and this morning I wound up having to take the teeniest piece of glass out of Beau's heel with a tweezers. Oh well, I think he would say it was worth it.

His balloon bouquet is gorgeous, lots of gumball balloons, and glitter and confetti ones, and a mylar dolphin, frog, and butterfly, and some huge marbled swirly ones, and doughnuts with wiggly long pieces going through them. It's really awesome. Scott is going to pick up the lemon golf cake, and the kids are arriving at two, so I have to run and take a shower right away. Of course Beau's favorite person, Juliette, can only come for an hour and a half. Everyone else gets to stay from two until eight tonight, at least. I can only guess that her super possessive and overly protective father is the way is because he is really hurting over the loss of his wife, so sad, poor Juliette. Her Mom had breast cancer and died two years ago. I almost didn't write this because I didn't want my friend Mary (who had breast and liver cancer), to read it, but I think she prefers that people don't tiptoe around her, and she's doing really well, so I guess it's okay. Cancer, God how I hate it. I fucking spit in it's puny little cellular face. Remind me to brainstorm some insults to cancer. Maybe we can insult it away, hurt it's feelings enough so it will leave.

Gotta go.


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