Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

Happy Mother's Day to all my Pal's out there in Live Journal Land. I love you so much!!!!

I'm sitting here waiting for my sleepy birthday-hung-over boy to wake up so we can go hang out in Century City, get something to eat, and maybe see a movie or three. In the meantime I'm watching A Lesson For Dying on TV, it's about a black teacher and his helping a prisoner condemned to die, how did I miss this? Tonight Scotti and Beau and I are going to go to my Mom's house, we'll visit for awhile, and then go to dinner at Palomino.

It's a nice day. The sun is shining on the leaves outside my window. It's not too hot. Myanmar is still alive, and so is my sickly rat. None of my cats are seriously ill. My son is sleeping. Scott and I are doing all right. I'm not hurting, and there's a wonderful movie on TV. There are beautiful images to be had on eBay. This is turning out to be a pretty good day. I find that when I come from gratitude, accepting things as being truly perfect just the way they are, then life is full of joy rather than sadness. It's all in how you frame it.

PS: I forgot to tell you that I had this dream about going to visit Esther in this sort of old fashioned town built on the side of a hill. I kept thinking that any little bit of land was precious to the people who lived there. Esther had a really nice house that she shared with one other family, and they had these really beautiful separate garages. I was happy for her, but then I saw how many spiders there were, so many spiders everywhere and I was so scared I would walk into a web and one of them would land on my face and bite me. I want to show my spider picture to you but it didn't seem like an appropriate thing to do on Mom's Day so I'll try to do it tomorrow.

PPS: I have been running across the most beautiful people on Live Journal lately, well, all along if you count all of my wonderful friends, but when I bob around LJ land I don't always find so many great journals and links, but these last few days have been like a gold mine, art, babies, compassionate people, humour, it's been journal surfing heaven. So happy.

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