Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

Freddy's dog Koke died. He got him when he was a puppy about a year ago. He was a mixed up funny little guy who never did anything wrong. He was the first dog that was ever able to just hang out here and play with the cats without getting in to trouble. They took him everyehwere they went and he became part of our life here whenever Freddy came with his mom to work.

Some evil kids stole him when Saida went out for just a mnute to take out the trash. First they teased him and he was barking at them. He was really little, a chichuahua mixed with dachsund. They kicked at him and then picked him up and ran off with him. Saida screamed and tried to chase after them but they were too fast. Later they let him go, and he was trying to find his way home when he was hit and killed. Freddy was inconsolable. He punched everything in his house.

I'm leaving now to take the boys to the shelter so Freddy can rescue another dog. They've promised they'll never let him off the leash unless they are somewhere safe like in the house or at a fenced in dog park. I just don't understand how people, even young people, can be so cruel.

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