Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

These are just two of the, Top Ten Signs Your Cat Is Trying To Kill You, that I remember from David Letterman tonight.

To tune of meow mix song, sings kill kill kill kill kill kill kill kill.

He's been hanging out with the dog who wants to kill you.

You'd have to know how nutty my cat situation is to understand why that's funny to me.

Beau just took pity on his hungry sleepy Mother and went downstairs and got me some olives and a bit of cheese. He brought me a knife and a teenie tiny cheese shredder that I think is a fridge magnet, it's that small. The knife though, is one of those huge, butcher knifey jobs, the kind you'd be afraid to leave out on the counter before turning in at night, just in case some bad guys happened to stumble in looking for something convenient to kill you with.

Mmmmm, I'm feeling attraction vibes for Alec Baldwin. He's on Dave tonight. He was doing a really good Clinton and damn, suddenly I felt that tingle. I have this sneaking suspicion he's a scary dude to be involved with, volatile, controlling, maybe. Scotti, may I please have sex with Alec Baldwin, just once, cause I'm feeling lonely and sleepy?

God, these olives are so salty I feel like I just swallowed a pint of seawater. Olives, the olive, Jen, heh.

Gotta change the channel, Dave thinks it's funny to cook squirrel and rabbit on TV. I so want to swear right now but I've been trying to rein it in, seeing as I've said Fuck on my journal quite a bit lately.

Anyone planning on joining the class action lawsuit against the manufacturers of phen fen?

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