Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

I have a lot of appointments today, shrink, acupuncture, pet store, market, that kind of stuff, but I thought I'd pop in and say hello. Iwas looking at something about Six feet Under on HBO when I remembered that there is this documentary series coming out called The Young and the Dead. It looks interesting so I'm going to watch it. While I was looking at the site, I decided to go see what this Forever Network is about, and that's the reason why I'm telling you this. It's a virtual memorial to people who have died. They put little biographies of people on the net. I was so moved by the one they're featuring about a young mom who died. They have video of her little boy telling her how much he loves her and that, "even when I'm a big man I will always protect you." Oh God that really broke me up. I had to stop watching it, but I want to know why she died so young. I'd like to visit this cemetary in Hollywood. It looks beautiful. I like to photograph angels and cherubs and tombstones.

Oh and I really liked Star Wars. It wasn't perfect but it has a lot to try to live up to. What I liked most about it were the real life moments, as opposed to all of the battle scenes. I liked the cars and the city in the beginning, it had a kind of Blade Runner feel to it. I liked seeing them in Senator Amidala's home or apartment and seeing the big windows and all of the thigns flying by. I loved the wormy centipede creatures. I liked the scenes on Naboo. Oh and the audience hissed when Jar Jar Binks came on screen. I was kind of surprised, trying to understand why and then I remembered that since we were seeing it on the first day that a lot of these people were hard core Star Wars fans and that they had thought he was too buffoonish. Hmmm what else, Ewan McGregor, God what's not to love about him? Oh and the alien creatures on the clone panet, nice to see some aliens look a bit like our popular culture's vision of them. There's a lot more I could say but I'm rushing out the door. I give it my personal love kiss of approval. Better than spider man, sorry, had to say that. I haven't heard the news yet but I was so hoping it would beat Spider Man's first day 70mil.

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