Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

I like these funny looking lamb poodles, well, they look like lamb-poodles. I'm feeling pretty blechy tonight. Just kind of anxious, jittery, and hurting. Yuck. I went to the animal shelter because I had a little bit of time in between appointments. I talked to the nice bunny rescue gal and she gave me some numbers to call for bunny spay and neuter vouchers. The situation here is seriously out of control. Anyone wonderful and loving out there want a beautiful tiny Siamese cat looking baby bunny?

Myanmar isn't any better. The vets said maybe we could try a liver biopsy but I don't want to put her through that. Doctors mean well but I have to remember that sometimes their focus is about getting a diagnosis despite the cost in terms of pain and stress to the animal. I love Valerie though, she's a really terrific person. I decided to give Myanmar another night, see how she is tomorrow and then decide what to do. Bleh, sadness.

Love you guys,

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