Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

Oh God I was watching this emergency related show on TV and this poor young guy who was in a car wreck has fractured his neck in such a way that he will never have feeling below his chest. The doctor is telling his parents. How sad. How great that he's alive, but it was painful to be watching the doctors discover and then tell him that he will be paralyzed for life, it's just so sad.

I'm feeling weird. Of course I feel blechy IFbromyalgia-y but this is something else, kind of icky stomachy complaintish, bleh. I think I got it from my love man and my body had been trying to fight it off. Either that or it has something to do with my body healing itself because of changes from the acupuncture treatment I've been getting.

I wasn't able to get to my Dad today. I'll do it tomorrow. It was a relief to drop the check off at Beau's school. I love how diverse, small, and casual it is. I wanted to go over to the middle school and say hi to Jacque (I don't remember how she spells it) but we had so much to do and I wasn't sure she would be there. I'm wondering how she's doing.

OMG I'm watching Ally McBeal and there was this line about Ally's daughter being involved in a three way. What they meant was a phone call where one girl called Ally's daughter while a second girl was quietly listening in. The trick is to set up the unsuspecting girl by pushing her to say bad things about the one who is listening in. My old friend Lorraine did this to me when I was little and it was so traumatic, it's stuck with me all my life. I'd never had anything like that happen to me. I was so trusting, and she was my best friend, it would never have occurred to me that she would betray me like that. I was so happily surprised to hear them talk about it on TV as if it's a common social betrayal among kids. The counselor said it was the reason Ally's daughter had a kind of mini mental breakdown and fainted. It just felt validating somehow.

I hate seeing all of these shows going off the air. It's sad. I didn't watch Ally McBeal regularly at all but I think Calista Flockhart and Peter MacNicol are really wonderful actors.

A friend of mine is on the phone now, her son pushed a table in to her shins when she was trying to put him to bed. He also flips her off, calls her a dumb ass and a fucking bitch. Isn't that horrible? I feel so sorry for her but I'm pretty certain some of this must be because of her not having set consequences when he does this.


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