Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

I'm tired of boring you with complaints about Saida but oh well, here goes. Our at-home vet is here today with her mobile vet hospital. We're fixing the kitten boys and the three boys with heart murmurs, scary. I always worry one of my pals will be the one in a hundred who doesn't make it, maybe the odds are better than that and I'm thinking of bunny neuter odds, sigh. I waited too long to get Moe and Moe fixed, and now they're sprayers and I can't have them with me in my room all the time like I used to, poor guys.

Anyway I needed Saida to be on time today to help me with the cats and the vet. I even asked Esther to come and am paying for two people so we can get a lot done today. I had this feeling they'd be late and last night was a rough one IC-wise for me, so by this morning I was just wiped out and hurting. Of course they weren't here on time so I had to let the vet in my sleep-shirt and round up the cats, then Chippy ran out the door and I had to run out and get him, all the while hoping the vet's assistant wouldn't get an unwanted eye full of my butt.

Saida was supposed to be here at nine, she strolled in at 10:45. Last Sunday she came in a little before twelve and I talked to her about it and she had the lamest excuse. "I had to put oil in my car." "Well, why didn't you do that on your day off?" "I didn't think about it." Lovely. Esther just told me that she had talked to her about it and she was stubborn and defensive and said, she couldn't get here earlier and that's all there was to it. She also said, and this is the most upsetting part, "Ella tiene la solution," which means that if I have a problem with it, I have the solution. Basically if I don't like it, I can fire her. Great. Argh and more arghs. It's funny because when I was talking to Esther I said, "She's so stubborn, you know she acts like a Taurus, like Beau," and then I realized that, wait a second, she is a Taurus. I actually love Tauruses, they're always my best friends, but man can they be stubborn.

If Saida doesn't get it together and get her license back, or be willing to drive again by August, I will definitely have to find someone else because there's no way I can give up having her help driving Beau in the mornings. I get the feeling that she thinks this job is beneath her and if it is, I can understand that, I just wish she'd be honest and let me know that, so she can start looking for something else, and I can start looking for someone to replace her.

I think I'm getting carpal tunnel or some kind of wrist strain action from using the computer so much every day. Ouch it hurts.


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