Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

I like this print, it makes me want to make one myself.You know what? I will. I'll make one and then come back and post it. Deal? Deal. Man is it hard to type with a wrist splint on. I guess that's the point. I'll probably strain something else trying to type like this. I so want to rip it off so I can talk to you, grrrrrr. OKay that's it I can't take it, rrrrrip, there, that was the sound of the Velcro straps.

The cats all made it through their neuter surgeries, I'm always so afraid something will go wrong. Myanmar died on Saturday. I can never write about it until at least a couple of days have gone by. I'm glad she has left her body, but I love her and I will miss her so much.

Beau is banging away on his Dance Revolution game pad, and someone, maybe a baby squirrel, is squeaking away in the ficus trees outside my window. It could be rats though. They're everywhere except for here, and this would have to be one of the last places on Earth where they would want to be, considering they'd be torn apart in seconds by a pack of psychopathic felines. I hear them (the rats) squeaking at night outside the back door when I'm in my bathroom. They come to look for pet food snacks when all the activity has died down, and they don't know I'm upstairs with the window open. I feel so sorry for them. The humane rat catch and release people turned out to be jerks, they never came back, so I have to start over again. Either that or I'll have to trap and release them myself. There are just too many and they've taken over the garage, seriously taken over. I'm not looking forward to seeing all of the destruction. We're going to start clearing it out tomorrow. Although I'd rather have the rats be alive and well, warm and full, than have my stuff any day. I love rats. I just need to relocate this group of them so I can use the garage again.

BTW Art Bell has a brand new video of a supposed UFO. It's interesting but I'm not convinced. I want to be, but this isn't the footage that's going to do it. I wonder what it is though. Please go see and then let me know what you think. Oh and while you're there be sure to see the video of the kitty who says hello. I taught my cat Jade to say, ham, when I was in high school.

Have I told you how much I love my little ferret friends?

I'm being good now, I put the brace back on, oof, blee, blick.

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