Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

I'm bidding on these green buttons. I want to add them to the trim of this lampshade I'm making. I like buttons, I collect them, espeically mother of pearl or anything with rhinestones. I also like the old glass lusters and moonglows, and my favorite are the little morning buttons. They have an etching of an eye covered by glass, I've been looking for one of those forever. I just want one.

Oh and I found this weird new nailpolish powder that I wanted to tell you about. Ya know, a girly alert kind of thing. It's Voile de Nacre by Christian Dior and it's powder, irridiescent and sparkley and you can either rub it on your nails with or without this base coat that it adheres to. I guess it's probably just a new gimicky thing to sell but it was fun trying it. I put it on my toes, in the pretty sunset shade.


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