Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

I'm listening to Phil Hendrie. He has an exclusive on Al Quaida and the terrorist operation they are planning for this fall. Apparently their sleeping operatives are, "Going to destroy Christmas by removing all of those elements that make us feel comfortable." The information he has is that they are going to attack us by hijacking Christmas trees, icicles, eggnog, ornaments, and toy delivery vans. You gotta love this guy. "Don't be surprised if you can't put up your nativity this year because they'll be burning all of the ceramic donkeys and the baby Jesuses." I don't know how he does this without cracking up. Whoops spoke too soon, he just started laughing and then immediately got mad at himself, and then told himself not to make fun of himself. Oh wait he also has some important information about Chandra Levy. I'll be sure to catch that.

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