Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

I'm watching Hello He Lied, Stories About Producing From the Hollywood Trenches on AMC, cool, just stumbled into it.

Mom was awful today. Honking her horn at me, waving her imperious arm, shorting the poor guy at the restaurant on his tip, then telling me I need help with math, and wasting twenty minutes trying to prove me wrong over a dollar, no apology when she finally proved me right. Big weary worn out sigh. There's more, there's always more, but I think that's enough for now. I'm always whining about her and nothing changes so I don't want to overburden our delicate Live Journal friendships.

Oh yeay Peyton Place is on and I've never seen it. I want to see Mia Farrow and Lana Turner. I'm eating cashews that are way too salty for me. Hmmm where's Mia Farrow? You know what, I'm thinking this is the movie and there was a television show based on it and she was on the TV version, damn.

Thinking of actresses in film versus their adapted TV versions, does anyone ever wonder what happened to Kristy Swanson who played the original Buffy in the movie Buffy The Vampire Slayer? I sometimes wonder if she was offered the role in the TV version before Sarah Michelle Gellar. (I just did a search and she's been working pretty steadily but just not in big hits, she was in Dude Where's My Car though.)

I wish I could listen to Art Bell tonight. I love my Live Journal friends. Am I the luckiest grrl in the world or what?


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