Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

On Missing Him

Try not to think of his hands
how big and smooth
and hard they are
the smart shape of his fingernails
and the rough of his face
when he hasn't shaved
the press of his lips
and the warmth
of his mouth

Try not to yearn for
the familiar shape of his smile
and the way he speaks with his eyes
when he strokes your hair

Try not to pine for
that wonderful voice
the one that makes your heart beat
just that little bit faster
and makes you weak and dizzy
with need for him

Try not to ache for
his strength
the holding
and the way he feels
when he's deep inside you
or just playing with rhythm at
the edge of joy

Try not to want him
when he's far away
and the bed is cold and still
and you can't sleep
away from his scent
the sweating
and the heat of his skin

Try not to miss
the one person
you are more yourself with
more open and trusting
than with anyone else
and the steady beat of his heart
when you lay your head
on his chest
and laugh

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