Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

Oh God I'm so horny I can't stand it. Anyone know of a better way to say that? The word horny is so ugly. I wonder where it comes from, horny toad, with horns like a devil, cock like a horn? How about randy? Anyone know? Hmmmm, I am feeling so desirous, lusty, sexually needy, wanting? I want sex? What sounds better? How would you write this? I wonder what people in other countries say. I need a better expression. Although, I am feeling so lusty, sounds better than horny to me. Hunh maybe I figured it out myself.

Listening to Art Bell. He has scary Ed Dames on.

Scott came over and we cuddled and talked, had pizza, read, and listened to the radio. It was sooo nice. We almost blew it off because we were both so tired but I'm so glad we didn't. He is my best friend and I love him so much, being together even when we're not at our best is always the best choice. Maybe I'm just in a cheery optimistic mood. I feel happy. I think getting off birth control pills has helped a lot!

I'm eating hot tamales. Beau has his friend Steven (Stephen?) over for the weekend. His Mom went to Ventura to get her scuba certification.

Things are coming to a head with Saida. She's really afraid to renew her license, (It expired and she's been using a fake SS# for eighteen years now, she saw something on TV about deportation and is too afraid to go to the DMV to fill out the renewal forms. Esther and I have told her we would go with her and not to worry, that the DMV here are way too lame to be able to call the migra every time someone comes in to renew their license) but I need someone who can drive. Her son lied to me about giving the rats medications. I spent two hundred dollars for their vet care and she refused to give them their medicine and one of the little guys has pneumonia. I know she doesn't like helping with the rats but Esther and I thought Freddy (her son) would do it for her. He's here every day. She just blew it off, then had her son lie to me about it. If I'd known, I could have boarded them or tried to find someone else to give them their medicine. She also refuses to clean the ferrets cage and Esther gets so mad when she comes on the weekends and Saida hasn't done it all week.

I don't want to let her go, but I know I need to. I need someone with a big heart and lots of energy, someone who loves animals and children, someone smart enough to drive and help me out with things. It's a lot of work but we're kind and we speak Spanish and I like helping people and I treat everyone who works here like family. Oh God, it'll be okay, I don't want to bore you anymore with this. I'll make myself sit down with her and deal with this. I'll just lay it out, we need this and this and this, and if she doesn't want to do it and seriously could care less about being fired (that's what she says) well, then it shouldn't be my responsibility to worry about how she's going to pay her bills and take care of Freddy, argh. Maybe I can keep her on till she finds something better for her and I can look for someone else at the same time.

Scott just signed on, I'm going to go grab him for some cyber-sex ; )

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