Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

I'm watching Road Rules and this episode is fun to watch, but seems kind of weird and unfair. There are all of these kids being dropped off for the crew to take care of them. It's definitely interesting and funny, but when you think about the little children being left with complete strangers and camera crews, that just seems mean and unfair.

One time when I was working on a movie of the week, there was a little baby who had to stand in this tunnel and hold hands with one of the actor's. We were playing angels and there was a lot of white smoke and light. The baby was crying and it just all seemed so unfair. And it makes me wonder what happens to babies and children all over sets all over the world. I know we have rules and regulations but they weren't doing anything for this little baby or for the kids who were crying on Road Rules.

Also I don't like that everyone is hassling this couple for having made out. So what, that's their business, leave them alone, sheesh. People, people, people.

I'm going to go put Beau to bed now.

Be back later : )

Access is slow tonight and ebay is down just when I finally have mustered up enough courage to list an auction. I edited my pictures in PSP, thank you EvilHomer : ) and uploaded them, then I was just going to type in the data and bah there went the site. Oh well, not my noche, I guess.

Okay chat with you later.

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