Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

Saida Quit.

I can't remember if I told you about Saida and the rats or not, I think I did, but basically Saida refused to give them medication by simply not doing it, and they could have died. I know this probably seems silly or unfair to ask of someone, but if you've never had a pet rat then maybe you can't understand that their little lives are just as precious as anyone else's. They are so funny and loving, sweet and smart.

I had to spend over two hundred dollars to have Esther take three of our pet rat friends to the vet the weekend before last. When she brought them home and told Saida what she would need to do in terms of follow up medicines, Saida said something like, "Well, I don't know what you're going to do about that because Jacqui knows perfectly well that I don't do rats." Esther told her to call me in Palm Springs and tell me so that I could get someone else to do it, or to ask her son Freddy, (the one I just bought the thousand dollar Chihuahua and the three hundred dollar paint ball gun for,) to do it. Of course Saida did nothing and then when I called to check in, Freddy lied and said he was giving them their mends. One of the rats is elderly and has pneumonia and needed antibiotic drops. It's so easy to give it to them, I just gave it to my one remaining girly-rat. You open the cage, she comes out and sniffs at the bottle, then she holds on to the sides of it, opens her mouth and licks the medicine while you squeeze the bottle.

I wasn't upset that she felt she couldn't handle giving the medicine to the ratties. It's her attitude and the lying that I can't stand. I understand that most people are freaked out by rats, (oh too funny, Freddy just knocked on the door and asked me for the name of the paint ball store, (he usually does this kind of thing when he's hinting around that he wants me to take him somewhere, he must be out of paint balls, I just bought him an ENORMOUS box, now he'll probably steal some from Beau, sigh,) and just wouldn't be able to give them medicine. What isn't fair is that she chose to do nothing about them because she just doesn't care. All she had to do was call me so that I could find someone to help us out. Her attitude is the problem, "I'm too good to deal with your rats. This isn't my problem!" I need someone with more of a team player kind of attitude, someone honest and fair. She has many good qualities and I am grateful to her for stepping in and doing a tough job when Noemi left, but she just isn't a match for us. She doesn't understand me and I speak her language, and she still can't get the cat medications straight. I asked her to get me the antibiotic she had been giving one of our kitties and she brought me a decongestant. We had told her what medicine to give to this kitty, showed her the bottle and wrote down the directions in Spanish, and she still didn't get it.

Yesterday was the first time I saw her since coming back from Palm Springs on Friday. (I had seen Freddy for a minute or two on Saturday night when he came by with their dog chispa who needed vet care so I gave them a check for a hundred dollars, more sighs.) Esther works Friday through Sunday and she was upset because she felt that Saida hadn't been doing her part. She was upset about her attitude and I knew exactly what she was talking about. I was pretty distressed about it and thought about it all Friday and Saturday. I just couldn't bring myself to fire someone with a child who just moved and needs the money for rent. I was going to have a talk with her instead and give her one last chance when she came in to my office and told me she's giving me two weeks notice.

I was kind of shocked and relieved at the same time. I won't miss having to worry about Freddy constantly interrupting me or waking me up in the mornings and I'll be rid of her snobby, this job is beneath me, attitude. It'll also be a relief to let myself off the hook for feeling responsible for helping them out with all of their problems. It's interesting that she made this decision on her own and that she's also decided to take in a room mate. Esther and I had already told her that we thought taking on a house all by herself, when she had just been evicted for not being able to pay half the cost of this house in rent at her old one, was probably not the best idea. We suggested she get a roommate and she said that she wouldn't need one. Oh God.

I hope that she finds a terrific job that allows her to screw around a bit, lets her deal with her problems with Freddy and her car, bring her son and dogs to work and show up late without there being any consequences. I really do hope that she can find a job like that, although I don't know what it would be. She needs something more part timey. Now I have to focus on finding someone intelligent, responsible, kind, energetic, and honest, who wouldn't mind cleaning up after two slobby people and a billion poopy pets. It would be great if they either could drive or would live in. It's hard to find the perfect person because I only can afford three fifty a week, maybe I can stretch it to four, but they'd have to really love animals. It would be nice if they were legal and spoke English but we speak Spanish and I'm extremely liberal in my opinions with regard to immigration status. I could go on and on about how I feel about immigration but I don't want to bore you any more with this.

I can't help but wonder if I'll ever find anyone who will be a good match for us, someone who will be able to stay with us for at least a couple of years. It can't be easy on Beau, all of these changes all of the time. We've had three people in three years. I have to go make calls to agencies and put an ad in the big Spanish Language newspaper. Wish me luck.

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