Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

My Phone Is Ringing Off the Hook

Oh my God the phone won't stop ringing! While I'm answering calls my back-up service fills up. Then while I'm getting all of the messages off of the service, more have come in. I put an ad for a housekeeper/assistant in the big Spanish language paper, La Opinion, and the phone has been ringing off the hook. Ack, I hate this. I hated it when I did this before, but it's really the best way to look for people. I got over six hundred phone calls the last time. Thank God I speak Spanish. You know this really helps me identify with agents and casting directors. You can only be so kind and then you have to start making hard choices or you'll be swamped. I'm letting the machine pick this call up right now while I'm talking to you but it'll be just one more thing I have to do when I'm done. I just want to stop and take a shower, argh.

I was going to see the play Proof tonight with Mom at the Wilshire theatre but there's just no way I can make it. I have so many more calls to return and the phone just keeps ringing. Plus I'm hurting (fibromyalgia) it's a painful day, and I haven't even had a shower. I wish I could see it on Broadway with Jennifer Jason Leigh was in it, I really like her. Eegads there goes the phone again. (I picked this one up, Rosa, with a squawking bird in the background, you should have heard Beatrice with the howling dog, oh and the gal who said, "I'm fifty, I mean forty six years old.") I feel so sorry for all of these people who are looking for work. Lord if anything would make you feel lucky and blessed this sure would. I don't like being the person in this position. I'll just have to turn it over and trust that the right person will find us. Otherwise I feel too responsible for all of these people. The best I can do is to be kind and fair and try to call everyone back, I can at least do that for them. I'm totally used to it by now, but I still think that it sucks that when you go out on an audition, you know you didn't get the job because they don't call. I guess I kind of understand, but it seems so cold to me. Karma karma karma. I see this as a chance to be decent and responsible, wish me luck, please.

Here's my interview schedule for tomorrow. Saturday is filling up as well and I still have fifty calls to return and another machine full of calls waiting to be cleared.

12:00 Maria Gomez
12:30 Estrella Melendez
1:00 Patricia Ariega
1:30 lunch break
2:00 lunch break
3:00 Iris Valdez
3:30 Mirna Muniz
4:00 Berta Galdez
4:30 Imelda Sentano
5:00 Gloria Nunez

Scott has wisely advised me to use my intuition to weed people out at the start so I won't have as many people to have to deal with in person. I'm not good at this. I want to be fair and give everyone a chance but it's so hard. I don't want to be ageist and rule out all of the younger people, or the older crowd, but experience has taught me that someone in their thirties or early forties would be best. I also want someone who has a license and a car. Anyway it's overwhelming. I want to run away to the movies or hide in bed with a wheat husk pillow over my face.

Esther will help me interview tomorrow and Saturday, and Scott will help us on Saturday as well. BTW
Scott's birthday is this Sunday the ninth, for anyone who would like to hop on over there and wish him a Happy Birthday. Oh and I got to talk with Brooke Shields yesterday at the pet store, which was interesting. She was nice completely sweet and normal. She came in to drop off a dog she had just found on Sunset. She wanted to give the poor little guy a bath and her husband was going to come by later to pick him up. I know them from our dog park, they were considering adopting one of my dogs.

Okay, well, I guess I'll get back to the grind. I think I wrote back to everyone here who kindly expressed an interest in working for us. If I missed anyone please leave a message here, and I'll get right back to you.

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