Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

Don't Read This Scotty

I just got off the phone with Balloon Celebrations in Westwood. I like to order balloon bouquets for birthdays when I can afford it. Esther's birthday was the day before yesterday and Scott's is Sunday, and they're both working today, so I thought it would be fun for them to get some balloons at work. The gal who was helping me sounded exactly like Sarah Michelle Gellar, same laugh and everything, it was weird talking to her. She had a great sense of humour though. When I told her that my ex-husband had stolen a long string of balloons, from in front of their store to give to Beau when he was little, she said, "Oh that's nice! Does he have a brother, I wanna meet HIM, maybe he can steal my engagement ring for me? Hey remind me not to ask you to pick my next boyfriend for me." She was telling me about the insane balloon things that all of the celebrities dream up to send to their friends every weekend. She said it keeps getting more and more insane as people continue to try to outdo each other and come up with something different.

Will someone please stop this phone from ringing, man! I refuse to allow myself to get as stressed and anxious as I was yesterday, REFUSE! I've turned off the ringer to the phone in my office because I can't keep up with it. I have so many calls to return and it just keeps going and going. I'm getting braver at asking for what I want and weeding people out. Some of these people are so pushy though, which is definitely not a point in their favor. I mean what do they think they are going to accomplish when they try to push me around on the phone? Yeah I want to hire you scary monster lady.

Oh God, I'm dreading dealing with this today. I have appointments every half hour starting in a half hour. Esther had better get her come to work whenever she feels like it lazy butt over here. Oh shit, she's here, she picked up the ringing phone, no, no no, don't do that, it's dangerous, dangerous! I'm such a coward, I could see the light on the first extension so I picked it up and she was talking to one of these desperate women, I panicked and hung up. I need water, w a t e r ...

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