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Well, one day down, several more to go, lots of calls to return, but at least I've cleared the machine. I'll have to change the message again.

Here are pictures of all of the potential housekeeper/babysitter/assistants we saw today.

They weren't the world's most promising group of people. At least in terms of what we really need. Although I have tremendous respect for anyone who would take the time to come out and interview with us. My heart goes out to them, but again, I need to pick the best person for us.

Our first interviewee was Maria, and we liked her the best. Her husband brought her and they both seemed really nice. She can live in but she doesn't drive. She likes animals, has experience watching kids and cleaning and likes to embroider. I wonder if anyone my age and older would have the kind of stamina it would take to look after us and all of the animals as well. She was wearing a hearing aid, which of course made me want to hire her right away. I don't know if that's the healthiest of instincts. I'm trying to change my normal pattern here and go for the best match for us. Not an easy thing to do for a softy like me. She lost her last job when the family moved to San Francisco, so sad. I have this weird feeling that her husband is a player and likes to have her busy and working while he does his own thing.

Estrella seemed really sweet. She came with her sister who I didn't like as much, she was kind of held back, negative, something I didn't like. She comes from Honduras, doesn't drive, loves animals and can live in. She looked cool, but that can be a shallow judgment to base this kind of decision on. Beau liked her which is important. She was nervous and shy but that doesn't have to mean anything. Her Mother is a butcher back home, hmmm.

I had a bad feeling about Patricia from her phone calls, it was just a vibe thing, and a sense that she was super pushy. Patricia has everything we want except that she drives "with the license of God" which means she doesn't have a license. Her son has an extra car she can have, she says she's experienced, she can stay as late as we need, and she made me incredibly nervous. The whole time she was here my hyper sensitive nervous system was buzzing away with a no no no vibe. She's a Leo and she reminded me of my ex-mother-in-law, very bossy, controlling, extremely possessive of her sons, but also very capable.

Berta talked a lot about being an honest woman from the country. I liked that but she seemed like she wouldn't have the energy for the job. She never went to school. She was born in el Salvador. The thing that kind of freaked me out a bit about her is this small thing I think I picked up. She had worked for a psychologist who gave her a letter of reference. I was impressed, but then she said, "She was a Jewish person but she was very nice to me."

I can't tell if I misunderstood her or not, it actually may be the way Latin people talk about each other, she was a Christian, she was a Mexican, I don't know, but it made me uncomfortable. I am very sensitive to any kind of anti-Semitic sentiments. I always have been, perhaps I should give credit to the wonderful Catholic Sisters who taught us to be compassionate, and made us watch movies about the Holocaust. Perhaps it's because so many of my friends are Jewish. Perhaps it's because Scott's parents are Jewish, and if we were living in Nazi Germany I would have been taken out in the streets and shot for sleeping with him. Whatever the case it just didn't feel good.

Poor Imelda. I don't really know what was going on with her. She came in saying she didn't feel well and had a headache. We got her some water and offered to give her something to eat. She said she hadn't eaten anything earlier and had had a low blood sugar attack but that she came anyway because she wanted to show she was responsible. When I first saw her she was pale, hunched over with her arms folded over her stomach, and she was shaking. She never uncrossed her arms, and she kept jiggling her foot. She seemed super nervous and sick. She said she was very Christian and her hobby was listening to religious singing, which may not be a terrific match for a liberal hippie girly like me. God bless her but how is she going to handle my walking around naked all the time and letting my son dye his hair blue? Plus who knows what's going on with her health, and vibe wise, yikes, she scared me.

See what I mean, this is all so hard.

Gloria seemed really nice. She comes from Oaxaca which is the place to come from in Mexico if you want to be a housekeeper. They're famous for being terrific at it. I have a friend who won't hire anyone unless they are from Oaxaca. She doesn't drive but we really liked her. She can stay two nights but I don't want to separate a Mom from her two small children. Although when Esther started she lied about Eduardo who was five at the time I think, and then wound up bringing him with her all the time. I love Eduardo, he's like a second son to me and is fifteen now. Gloria could bring her daughter but then again I'd be taking care of someone rather than it being the reverse.

Everyone else flaked. Weeeee. More calls to make. I am so sick of this and I've barely begun, blech.

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