Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

Ashley's Wearing Mama's Dress

One of my Mother's dresses is in the paper but I can't find a better picture to share with you. It's on the cover of yesterday's LA Times Calendar Section, there's a shot of Ashley Judd from the Divine Secrets of the Ya Ya Sisterhood dancing, and she's wearing it. It's the white one with roses and green trim. I have two of this same dress. I've tried to contact the amazing costume director, Gary Jones, but he must be way to busy to bother with something like this. Although I do think anyone who really loves fashion would enjoy meeting Mom, she has such a history, knows everyone from way back and has such great stories to tell.

My grandmother was very close with Mary Picford so Mom used to go along and play at Picfair. Mom was a great beauty, I have got to put some pictures up. She looked so much like Jean Harlow that the studio tried to get her to replace Harlow in the movie Saratoga when she died, but Mom was too shy. There was a lot of social stigma hen against working "in the pictures." In some circles it was akin to being a prostitute. Mom was a platinum blonde with beautiful blue eyes, a great body and big, ahem, breasts. At Beverly Hills high in the thirties everyone called Jean Harlow Hunt. She dated Conrad Hilton and Cubby Brocoli, but wasn't interested. She double dated with Howard Hughes. She was friends with Lana Turner, Anne Miller and oh shoot how I can forget her name, she was so famous, she had a television show for years and then replaced the Mom on Dallas for a season. She passed away, we had lunch with her once. Anyway Mom, despite her very old fashioned mind set is a real kick and lots of fun to listen to, I'm just glad she got to see one of her dresses on a current celebrity. I just want to get a good picture of it. Jennifer Aniston wore one of my Grandmother's dresses in In Style, I wound up buying it for a fortune.

I'm so looking forward to seeing Ya Ya tonight. I'm going to go with Scotty and we'll see it at the Bridge, which for all the money is not a bit nicer than any of the big Edwards or Resort Cinemas that we love going to in Palm Springs and Ventura.

Get your Ya Ya name at the Ya Ya Name Generator

I'm Princess Weeping Cloud, waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. But if I use Jacqueline instead of Jacqui, I'm Princess Magnolia Blossom, and if I use Jacqueline Wendy Anne I become Countess Rude-Like-a-New-Yorker. I like Princess Magnolia Blossom but I want to be Princess Naked as a Jay Bird.

Mr Scott the Wonderful is having a birthday tomorrow, please give him some love for me? The nicesest thing anyone could do for him is to go buy his CD at CD Baby, it's only nine bucks, and it'll be worth a lot of money some day, mmmhhhmmm.

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